Is WAV format available?

I cant figure out how to download in WAV vice MP3 format. Help please…

AJ items can be provided in WAV, MP3 or both. Detailed info you can find on the item’s page. If an item isn’t provided in WAV, then maybe you can try to contact item’s author or convert it by yourself. Preview file (watermarked) is always in MP3.

Hi @model14 ,

how @Theo_Sound already told you AJ items can be provided in each format, so depends on the track you want to buy if both are provided or just one of these formats :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

So you have to check it out here, license the track, download the file and after your purchase, you will find these files in a zip & you are good to go.

Hope it helps. :wink:

Got it, thanks.

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