Missing file


I was preparing a music package with 3 of my tracks in Audiojungle and I just noticed that I have misplaced one of the files in wav format.
Is it possible to recover this file in any way, apart from asking a friend to buy my article?
Oh God, how embarrassing!
Please help

Hi there @Realitybeats,

Are all the tracks you intend on including in the pack uploaded to AudioJungle? You should be able to download the zip of the missing track on your AJ portfolio page and use the WAV in there.

Hi AurusAudio,

I hope to answer your question.
The package would consist of 3 loops in wav and mp3.
The file that I am missing and that I have not been able to recover is the one that is in wav format of the third loop.
I just looked at my portfolio, but I do not see where I can access the .zip that it refers to.
Thank you very much in advance.

The link to download your items is here:

Hi realitybeats, once your pack item is accepted you can always download any of your files in the portfolio page.

As simple as that!!!
Thank you very much, it was so simple that it did not fall into that.
It had never happened to me before, I lost the north.
Thanks again, my best wishes

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Thank you very much, it was so simple …