Is this track almost ready to submit ?

Hello everyone !
As some people may know, the approval on this site is hard for me and I’m working hard to get more and more track accepted! I decided to share a final version on which it is possible to make some improvements!
So I would like to have your overall opinion on the quality of this track to know if in the state it could be accepted! I had made the sound design by myself !

I specify that I do not try to have the perfect sound ", and I do not count spend too much time on the possible corrections.In a concern of productivity I force myself to remain effective.Thank you in advance for your returns which will be constructive!

Good day to all :slight_smile:

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It’a a nice track.

But i hear that the low end is a little bit weak. And the track needs a more defined start IMO. It starts abrubtly.
Other than that,i think it will fit to experimental category.

Good Luck

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Hi ! Thank for your feedback ! I’m gonna check for the low end ! I can up it a little or add some saturation ! And maybe I can put a filter on the start on the piano lead or something like that to avoid to be too abrupt ?

I think “a reversed piano chord” would be better. I know it sounds cliche. But sometimes, it is necessary

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Ok thank you ! I’m gonna see what I can do :slight_smile:

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And one more thing. Though this is all about the creativity of the song.

I would skip “the kicks” in the beginning of the third beat of the bar in every two or four bars to make the rhythm a bit syncopated.

It would fit this track imho.

But anyways it’s only a production choice.

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That’s interesting ! I just try this and I like the vibes it gives ! I don’t know which one I prefer but it’s a great idea :slight_smile:

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Well as I’m not a Huge fan with reverse piano as a starting I juste make really little quick fade in to reduce the first attack and I just lowered a little bit the note from piano. I up the low end a little so you’re right I think it’s better now ! About your last idea that I really like, I think I’m gonna try this in other music, I’m too scared that it will be “too subtle” and “artistic” for stock music market. Maybe I’m wrong but it was a great tips that I should try ! Then I add some note at the end let the end less empty ! Thanks a lot !! :slight_smile:

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In the beginning let the piano come from far away. So it will be more interesting.
Lack of atmosphere in the music. For some reason I want more.
Snare - better to replace on clap. This is relaxation music.
The subbass can be made a little louder.
But you are the author. Only you decide how it should sound. Good luck!

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Hi ! Thanks for your feedback ! :slight_smile:
You’re right about the snare ! Actually it was my first though to have something more “relaxed” but I need to change the title a little bit, and avoid “relaxing music”. It’s more like “chill step” music, which is remain chill and ambient but there is some elements which are more powerful in this kind of stuff I think! So I don’t think I’m gonna change it as “chill step stuff”. But you’re right !

About the lack of atmosphere maybe it’s due to a spatialization which is not really “obvious” and “clear” ? I’m gonna look at it ! But I think it’s already “large” with delay and sound design stuff. But maybe next time I should have work more on effect and atmosphere :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !!!

listening the the track with non-reference heaphones, so I can’t judge the low end. I have the feeling there are plenty of low end, but that should be checked on better gear.

Now for the drums, I like the effect produced by these rather agressive kicks/hats/snare on top of the ambient background. Changing the drums for a more relaxing feeling would totally change the mood of the music. I really like it as it is.

Now the start, yes, I guess you still have to work on an intro, many ideas can be done, such as hipass + reverb filtering, or on the opposite, lopass that would gradually fade in with a reverse crash?

Please don’t use a reverse piano chord… :slight_smile:


Merci pour ton retour ! Effectivement j’ai pensé à des filtres pour le début ! Je vais essayer ! Et j’ai déjà réduis l’attaque du début pour que ça soit moins agressif ! :slight_smile: Je trouvais qu’il y avait déjà aussi pas mal de basse, mais comme j’ai pas sub pour vérifier je fais confiance aux autres. J’en ai rajouté un peu et ça se sent quand même ! Et je suis d’accord concernant le mélange un peu kick snare agressif ! c’est un peu ce que j’aime dans la chill step !


thanks you to all ! I manage to finish properly my track ! your advice help me to understand what was wrong or not enough worth it for approval ! So I hope this track will be accepted ! if it does you have contributed and I will be grateful! see you and good luck! :slight_smile:

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AJ is the first place i’ve ever heard the reversed piano. Don’t blame me :smiley:

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:joy::joy: I don’t blame you aha ! actually it was the best things to do and I tried aha but I hate that aha

It s interesting, so this is all about the creativity of the song. I love Piano instrument