Is this realy from Envato?

Hi, I just got this e-mail and I’m a little bit afraid of spam since I couldn’t find anything about this on my profile as announcement as it usually is there. Can You please confirm, that this is realy from envato?

Thank You


The e-mail:

Emile - Envato Market affiliate program

Hey survivor,

Hope you’re well,

We’re excited to announce that the new Envato Market affiliate program is launching! The program will now be powered by Impact Radius (IR) and includes many features you have been asking for.

The current affiliate platform on Envato Market will be closing down on Monday 1st October 2018, so if you would like to continue as our affiliate partner please read the below carefully.

What about my current links?

Migration is very simple and your current links will still be tracked once you link your current Envato Market (legacy) and Impact Radius account. Once linked, data around sales and payouts will be viewable in your Impact Radius account. Please note that once you link your accounts, you will no longer see referral earnings on your legacy Envato Market account.

Next Steps:

Apply here to join the Envato Market program on Impact Radius

Once you have been approved to the Market program you should link your legacy account to Impact Radius. To link your account, follow these steps in order:

  • Log in to your Envato Market account
  • Click Here to go to the ‘Linking’ page’
  • Enter your Media Partner ID
  • Enter Media partner email
  • Click ‘Link accounts’

What is Impact Radius?

The Impact Radius platform provides you with more detailed data around:

  • Clickthroughs
  • Conversion rates
  • Items purchased via your links (SKU data)
  • Location data on customers
  • Advanced link tracking
  • Know which links are generated clicks, sales, and more (sub_IDs)
  • Access to creatives tested by the Envato Paid Acquisition Team


Can I use the same IR account to sign up on both Market and Elements?
Yes - if you want to be on both programs, please get in touch with the affiliate team for further assistance

Can I use Paypal as a withdrawal option on IR?
Yes, depends however on the country of registration - read more.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or queries you have on

Best Regards,

Envato affiliate team

Also received this and wondered the same thing.

Hi @survivor,
Emile here from the affiliates team,
Yes it is definitely from Envato (from me in fact :slight_smile:), we are sunsetting the legacy affiliate system on 1st October and are inviting affiliates to join our new powerful platform powered by Impact Radius (a 3rd party provider)
If you have any questions, feel free to email directly
All the best!


Oh ok, thank You :slight_smile:

Will we all get this message? Or is the new platform solely for “Elite” affiliates?

Hey @PurpleFogSound,
Yes all affiliates will receive this notification. Emails are currently being sent out in batches to manage the application pipeline!
You should receive your notification shortly,

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Awesome, thanks for clarifying, Emile :slight_smile:

@emile_b why is the only payment method from impactradius by FX wire?

Also I got an e-mail, so I can link my account now. I’ve checked the tutorial, but where can I find the page, where I submit that ID and e-mail, which I see in that video tut?



Hello @survivor

We also got mail and registered in Impact Radius. It is not spam :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is this only for partner authors or individual authors as well?

Where to signup ?

I don’t understand. In the email you sent me there is no instructions on how to migrate my affiliate.

Further details on the launch of the new affiliate program will be shared nearer the date of 1st October, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


Hi Emilie,

I already have an impact account, could you please let me know If my old links finishing with ref=dreamsnfx will still work after oct1 ?