Changes to Affiliate Program





They moved to Impact, so they aren’t shutting down, they just move to another platform.


Hi. And what´s that Impact?



I got a similar message in my mail today. Is that a joke? Seriously… no one is talking about this yet?
If they are shutting down the affiliate network in a month from now then why is there even a subpage for that still online? Is that a similar case with what happened to photodune. “Hey we think you qualify …and you don’t qualify (for no particular reason). Too bad for you”… “You can be an affiliate… and you can’t…”



A heads up if you’re from US. We just found this out (this message is from Envato):

Having affiliates in some US states imposes additional compliance obligations on Envato (Given Envato are a US registered entity). Because of this, the risks are too high for both Envato and the affiliates. Accordingly, Envato is not on-boarding affiliates until further notice from the following states:
Rhode Island

The new system uses impact radius, which many other companies use for their affiliate programs (in these listed states)… so I have no idea what this issue is, or why they think it’s fine to switch to a system that blocks out affiliates who have been promoting their products for years… ugh. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The email I got says that they are shutting down the affiliate program, not that they are moving to a new platform where we can join again.

**We’d like to give you a heads up that due to technical limitations of the current affiliate program, the Envato Market affiliate program will be closing down on Monday 1st October 2018. **

This means that after this date, you will no longer be able to earn affiliate commission on referrals and your affiliate links (“?ref=yourusername”) will no longer be valid.

If what twisted1919 is true, It looks like they are shutting down the program for some, but not for all.

That could be acceptable, if only they would be transparent about the real reason behind this mess.

The fact that no one from Envato replied to this thread is already indicative of something shady going on.


If this was posted in the existing thread on the subject, rather than starting a new one… then you’d see that Envato have responded to questions regarding this issue. If anyone needs answers from Envato then they should open a help ticket… forum threads aren’t always monitored by the relevant people.


Can you post a link on existing thread on this subject? I don`t see it


I saw the existing thread, however they did not explain at all why someone is getting an email saying the affiliate program is shutting down and other are getting an email saying they are moving platform. In any case Envato is dealing with this very unprofessionally.


Where is the original thread, is this a joke?? I can’t find it anywhere!! Share a link, people! A link!!


Hi all. I’ve let the Affiliates team know about this thread, and they’ll post in here to clarify things.


I often found my designs on Youtube and various sites that were hosted by other people. This made additional advertising to me. Now it makes no sense?:frowning_face:


Totally agree


I receive the same msg today and i think they will close the program for everyone and i think they are trying to force people move to Impact Radius


What is Impact Radius?


Check this link


And currently Envato offering affiliate program for elements through impact radius