Is there available the BBB videoencrypt server for WPLMS users?

Hello Envato. Thanks for supporting customers. I have already purchased th WPLMS theme for my single use and I have some first questions.
1.- Where can I find technic specifications about the server to install WPLMS.
2.- Can You recommend any service for this?
3.- Which are the characteristics of the videoencrypt server, I mean, can the WPLMS users have acces to this for free? or then, which are the pricing details?
4.- If we wanna install our own server for BBB, can we install into the same instance where is installed WPLMS? or we need another instance for this?
5.- So then which kind of server do you recommend? I know it has to be a VPS, but which are the technical details?
I’m very happy to have your soon answers.