Live videos and prerecorded video Wordpress theme

Hello everyone.

I am looking for a Wordpress theme that offers the following:

Somewhat of a social network…

  • The ability to post videos that are proprietary (meaning NOT a YouTube link or Vimeo) The ability for the website owner to upload videos directly from their phone or laptop. (and post photos as well obviously)
  • Option to go live directly on their site (like all the big players have - fb, yt, intsa)
  • Users accounts that allow comments on the videos and photos

Basically my client is sick of being censored by Facebook and YouTube. He lost his Youtube channel and has had multiple bans on Facebook for community standard violations. He is a comedian and his stuff is pretty racey.

I’m hoping to find him a theme for wordpress that will allow him the function of everything that youtube and facebook offer as far as posting and video goes, but without the censorship.

Any help would be really great!!

Thanks guys!


Why your client does’t publish his videos on YouTube as private and link the video to his website. The videos will be available only on his website. Also he can publish on his social channels only a short preview video like a teaser and add a link to full video in description. In this way no one can report his videos.

You will not find out of box solution. You will need theme and plugins and of course great server who will handle all that videos.

If you put any link on Facebook they can ban your account it is not important where is source of your video.

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