Is there any difference between .po file or .pot file?



i got soft rejected because of :smiley:

  1. The localization file should be in English and delivered as .POT file. .POT will contain all translation strings. .POT file name should match the themes-slug.

For just only this one reason - i have delivered .po and .mo - but i am confused with what is .pot file and do you think i have to wait for next 3 days more for only one reason?


POT โ€“ Portable Object Template. This is the file that you get when you extract texts from the application. Normally, you send this file to your translators.

PO โ€“ Portable Object. This is the file that you
receive back from the translators. Itโ€™s a text file that includes the
original texts and the translations.

Best of luck for approval :thumbsup:


Okay can i rename my file from .PO file to .POT?


No, check on github for WordPress Blank .pot, thereโ€™s a repo there with full instructions and a file to get you started.


you can generate new .pot using using Poedit


Okay Thanks.


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