Are translation files (.pot) mandatory for wordpress theme?

Hello All,

I want to know if .POT file is required for wordpress? Please confirm me guys.

They may not be mandatory, but there is no reason to not to include them. It’s a few minutes work to generate them via PoEdit.

Yes it’s required

The easiest way: Create your PO file using POEdit application See This Link, Then open the new PO file with EazyPro and save as POT and finally rename it with your theme name.

Using Eazy Pro
Eazy Pro App

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It’s easier to start with EazyPro first. You can generate pot file from desired folder with ease. Less than a minute.

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Yes EazyPo is the best. PoEdit sucks :wink:

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I can not download the Easy PO ( ) today. Can you guys share that ZIP file through mail? Please help!