is there a way to write back to reviewers who soft rejected item?

I’d like to clarify some of the vague comments I received, is this possible? acceptable? Or I should just shoot blindly and hope for best?

You can clarify points with your re submission only.

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@WeAreDe: You can ask what the comments mean on this forum. Or you can also raise a support ticket to get more feedback on your soft reject :slight_smile:

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hi, can you share the way how can we raise ticket for soft reject.


Kindly fix the issues and leave the comment to reviewer regarding the points that are not clear to you.

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Thanks for your kind reply “CoderBoys”.

If you have some time or m not wasting your time can you please guide me for my soft rejection. I had alredy posted it in forum but I have not got any positive solution or reply from any one.

This is link of my post

You can who soft rejected your item in item details - there is comment postd by reviewer, you can see his profile on the market etc. ;] soft rejected item is in hidden items section.

but if this is only soft rejection just do imprvements as reviewer said and that’s it, you should write to him directly … :slight_smile: