Is "regular licence" enough for me? (some more questions)

Regular Licence correct for me?
Hi guys,

I started as a freelancer and bought several html templates for the homepages of my clients. Regarding this I would like to ask some questions before I do anything wrong:

Is regular licence enough if I create homepages on behalf of my clients? I buy the template, adjust the design a little bit and fill it will content and upload it to a server.

Who owns now the “right” of the template?

Can I use the same template for more than 1 client?

Your help is really appreciated and keep up the good work here!

Best regards, backspin86

P.S: For question I think, a regular licence would be enough, right!?

  1. yes you can create an entire website based on the file you buy here

  2. you do, although you can transfer the rights to the client however downloads of updated templates or themes will only ever be available from your account.

  3. no - you need one license/purchase per website using a template or theme

Thanks Charlie for your very quick Response. May I ask something to Point number 3:

In order to make it 100% clear: Every time if I use the same template for a client I will have to click on “purchase” the template, regardless whether I already bought it or despite the fact I customized it a little bit?

Thank you in advance!

Exactly - you need to buy a new copy for each website that you want to use.

You can use “the same files” for each site but by buying a new version you are effectively purchasing a “license” rather than being interested in the code and files themselves.

Also if your client makes moeny from the theme you bought you need to buy an extended version. If he makes money from the functionality you build then normal license is ok.

1 license = 1 theme = 1 client

And one thing to note even though it’s allowed within the terms of the license… if the client thinks they’re getting some kind of custom site, and then they find out you’ve made half a dozen other sites that look almost exactly the same, just with different logos… they might not be too happy. So it’s always wise to have a certain level of transparency in what it is you’re offering.