About Regular License

Hello. I want to ask something about regular license. Can i buy a template with a regular license, and after editing, can i sell it to my customer? Also can i change copyright section? For example “Designed my me”.Also if i have the right to do the above , can i add some demos in my personal website, with the section “copyright by me”, and for every order from my customers to buy a new license separately? Thanks for advance. I am new in this sector, and i want to be 100% legal.

Client work - yes

Edit copyright - morally it’s questionable but legally it’s ok

Demos on your site - no. It can only be used/installed etc. On one site so you could only do this if you bought individual copies/licenses for the purpose of putting it on your site. Even then you would need to also edit the item sufficiently as you can’t just upload it as it is.

Thank you for your answer. when i speak for demos. i mean . they will installed as websites in seperately server. with regular license every of them.