Is Laravel + VueJS application allowed to sell ?

I don’t know why but my application got hard rejected. I used laravel as backend API and vuejs as frontend + admin panel.
I think it was rejected because it was fully developed with VueJS instead of laravel blade HTML. I didn’t find any app available on Codecanyon that was created with vuejs and Vue-router. I provided step-by-step documentation and video guides to customize and set up the script.
Here’s my demo website:

Access Demo:

Frontend :


username: user

password: 123456

Stripe Test: 4242424242424242, 04/25, 123

Admin Panel :


username: admin

password: 123456

I was wondering if it was rejected because it was a little hard to build?
The reviewer didn’t even visit my demo website or even tried to set up the script. I checked my demo website and license website access log to see if anyone visited there but didn’t find any. So my question is if the reviewer didn’t visit the demo website and didn’t tried to set up himself to check the script then how did he reject it? Is it because he was unable to create?

Can anyone please suggest me what was the reason?

From what I see, the design and color combinations not good enough. Not sure about the coding part but I don’t think Laravel + VueJS combination is the problem

Thanks for your reply but I don’t think the design was the problem because there is a lot of item available which have a horrible UI but still they got approved.

Bear in mind that the previous items may be old, uploaded to the system before. Did you get the standard copy/paste rejection message?

I got this message “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”. It was my first item. After the first rejection, I changed everything that came into my mind. But today they again rejected it.

This part is important as you may lose your uploading rights.

Btw how would they see the design when they didn’t even tried to create the app to test or visited my demo URL. I added a license feature where users need to submit there envato purchase key to activate the app. It send a request to my server to verify the code. I provided a demo code to the “comment for the reviewer” field so that the reviewer can use that code to activate and test the script. I checked both the demo website and the license server access log but didn’t found any request from reviewer.

I cannot say anything regarding to review process, you can try to contact support to get a proper answer ( no guarantee )

can you have a look to provide your findings ,coz i have same an issue,

for demo :

For Demo Login:


thank you.

This is my personal opinion but the design is also outdated. I understand you spent lots of hours ( weeks ) to build a system with a good coding but without the design, the work is not completed.

Before, few years back, the code quality was important but nowadays, design is also important as coding.

thank you for your response,

i used vuetifyjs for frontend ,so is it outdated ?

The design is outdated