Is it possible to alter thumbnail image or track title/description after it had been approved?

Wanting to get my music out there but don’t have any high wuality graphics or at least graphics that i am 100% happy with.

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Of course you can change the tab to Edit )

Thank you for the advice. On that subject how do you resize images for thumbnails/cover photos without loosing the quality of the image?

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try this if you dont have photoshop !

if you have photoshop try this !

on save image as- try quality 12


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Oh thank you now I know , I just never used photoshop , and me then gave false info , thank you very much ))) @WolfSound

I actually use GIMP. I will give this a go. Thank you @WolfSound

Hi there!
Your logo pic must be 80x80…you can decide that size when you export you photo from the software you are using :slight_smile:
About losing quality well, i was asking the same question to a friend of mine which works pro with graphics…he said the pic is so small, that anyway you will have always the same low quality…if that may help you :slight_smile:
Good Luck!

Interesting, I suppose in theory it can never be HD as there are only 80x80 pixels making up the image