Is it ok if I show you guys a comic I created?

Hi gents/ladies… I recently picked up on a project from while back, and decided to make one/two comics per week. What do you all think?

I hope I am not stepping over the line by asking this, (no violation intended) but since I don’t have a personal Facebook/Twitter profile, with friends and stuff, (only a fake profile, so that I can maintain a FB page for this comic) would anybody be kind to post/like/share this page among your friends, so that it get’s seen? Honestly, no violations intended!

Here is the link: The Girl With Anime Eyes

Comic description: Mere life as in the inspiration for these comics come from simple everyday stuff out of our lives. The comics are based on my girlfriend and her shinanigans. : )

Thank you good people! Looking forward to hear what you all think… : )


Wow, I’m in awe of your skills! Good sense of humor + great illustration skills are a lethal combination, well done! :star:

Cartoons can get a lot of traffic via a dedicated web page by the way. You could use it to promote all your awesome GraphicRiver content too. Don’t forget your referral code along the way! :smile:

Wow! An awesome feedback, from a well-respected Envato author! Thank you kindly!!! : )

Yes, the ‘project’ is fairly fresh, but I am looking for exposure and feedback on the Facebook page for now, until I get to making a website for it. I will do it when/if it gets noticed at all hehe : P

Thx! Much appreciated!

Just finished episode 06! : )


Haha, cool ones! :smiley:

really great work, thumbs up! :wink:

Very Nice Drawings :slight_smile:

Tnx guys! :smiley: