Is it normal to add the description info (in a word, or Pdf file) in your zip file with your Music for the buyer?

Is it normal to add the description info (in a word, or Pdf file),
in your zip file with your Music for the buyer?

or will the buyer see, the info that we fill out on the submission page.
just asking.

You can do that. However, I personally don’t think it’s of any value to a buyer - they’ve heard the track and bought it based on what they like about it. I don’t claim to be an expert regarding the best format for the ZIP info. My approach for the “read_me” file is to thank the buyer, provide my contact info, list the track name of each version, BPM, and Length data, and, because I’m registered with a PRO, list my IPI # etc. I’m interested in hearing what others have to say about it.

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You may not think of yourself as an expert but that was some expert advice, especially
Thanking the buyer and providing contact info.
Also that sorta was not my question though.
basically I am asking, do we attach a Written file in the zip, along with the audio files, or not.

You can include WORD and/or PDF files to be ZIP’d up in addition to the MP3 and WAV files. I include a WORD file for the “read_me” stuff.

I guess I was triggering off the “description” word in your question. So, yes is the answer to your original question :slight_smile:

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Not to contradict what Midnightsnap said, but what you put in the description box when you upload an item will be shown on the item page as a description for your item. No need to add that to the zip in my opinion :slight_smile: And I don’t think its common to do that.

Thank you for the Direct answer.
Very clear and understood.

Yes, the description was my point, I just wasn’t sure if I was being redundant, in the description.
So after reading your response, i can add a thank you, etc. When I fill out the description FORM, without adding a read me .doc (x), or .pdf in my zip.

You havr been very helpful.

My philosophy is that, unless it’s necessary, don’t burden the buyer any more. It’s just another file they’ll spend time on and inevitably delete, especially if they’re a returning customer. It might be nice to have a license explanation, and with that you can say thank you and add track details, but just one or the other is redundant. AJ will either provide or make you provide whatever is necessary.
If it was like some convoluted photoshop file with smart filters, I’d expect a readme, but for something you simply listen to, it’s not necessary.

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Its not nesessary and not need because its not give anything, but description in upload of item is very nesessary!!

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