Is it easier/faster/cheaper to convert a WordPress theme to Shopify theme, or from a design to Shopify theme?

I want to have a custom design Shopify theme, and I have 2 choices:

  1. Send an agency my ideas and examples so they can custom design and code it.
  2. Send them a Wordpress theme that I like so they can convert it to Shopify theme.

Which one saves the most time, money, and easier for both parties?

Second choice i think is good, it will save time, money and faster instead do everything from scratch. Contact us if you need Shopify and Wordpress developer

Not sure but you may need to purchase extended license for the item. Because you will not be using the theme as it is.
Better to contact Envato support for more information

It’s true, there might be a need of extended license for it, or not if it’s a free theme. However, it’s beside the point of the question, the questions is about speed of development, not license.

You need to check the license first. If the author is not selling the theme with “extended license”, no point to discuss the details

On the other hand, it’d be better to convert the theme from HTML. If the author has HTML template, it’d be easier ( takes less time ) because whoever is going to create the theme, he needs to convert it HTML first

What’s the point of going off topic? Yeah it’ll depend on the theme license. It doesn’t answer the question of SPEED of development.

Back to topic, sounds good.

Personally I’d say definitely write it from scratch.

It may seem like it would be quicker to work from a WP version (and I guess it could depend a little on what the site is) but in actual fact there are technical considerations and difference and you could easily end up spending more time fixing solutions to the site than it would take to build it properly in the first place.

Aside from that, building it for the platform purpose is not only the professional way to do it but most decent devs would prefer to work with their own code rather than someonelses, and there’s no “hacked” substitute for writing it properly.

That all said, if you are not interested in licenses etc and therefore have no intention of selling the end product here or on any other marketplace then what is the right or quality solution is irrelevant - it will only come down to whatever the cheapest/fastest offer you get is right?