Wordpress theme in HTML


I need a help. Can we request Envato to provide WordPress theme converted in HTML or do we need to do that ourselves later? I want to purchase one theme that perfectly suits my business however that is in WordPress and I want it in HTML.

Also my other question is that do I need regular license or extended? I just want the theme and use my personal content/ images/videos on it.

Can anyone please help.

Authors make themes not envato.

Some items have been made available in both formats. If that’s not the case then you could ask the author or otherwise you will need to make then change yourself

Regular license will be enough for that.

Thanks a lot for your answer. It is indeed helpful.

Contacting author is surely going to take a day or two or even more.

If you are aware of it, can you tell me what if I go and purchase the WordPress theme and then ask to provide the HTML files for the same website.

Would that be possible or are they going to charge extra for that?

Before you buy a WordPress template, check the item description section to see if there is an HTML template version available. Authors often provide details of the HTML version in the description. If an HTML template is available, it will usually cost less than the WordPress template. So, it’s worth doing your research before you make a purchase. You can also contact the author for more information.

It’s unlikely that they will provide an HTML version because if they had that then they would be selling it as a separate item.

What item is it?

That author does create some HTML templates so you could ask but I imagine it would be something they would charge to create esp as that is an Elementor Kit not a theme so any conversion is less straight forward

Thanks for your help.

all php based CMS display html.
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