How to convert a site with envato theme into a shopify store

Hi guys please i own a tech blog specifically, it is a blog where i write and post about almost all mobile operating system including android, ios, mac os and windows.

I am using and Envato theme on it where which i purchased from HERE for the tech site. But now i have some really premium contents and information on site and i will like to make them available for sell at a price instead of everyone just accessing them for free.

The only idea i have running through my head right now is the fact that i want to convert the site to a shopify store. But the problem i have now is i don’t know how if it is possible to convert the site to a shopify store or not and if it is possible how do i go about it.

Please you can take look at the site here>> All os list and tell me if it is possible to get it done or better still suggest better option and ways to get it done without much stress and please don’t mention coding either in html or css because i don’t have the knowledge of any of them to start with.

It’s not that easy unless you start with a Shopify theme

As what you have is a WordPress theme I would suggest trying to install WooCommerce and using that as an alternative