Invalid License Details


I have just purchased an item and having issues. when we put in the license code it saus invalid.

I have tried to contact the author and there is no response from them. and also created the ticket in envato and there is no reply from there too.

I wonder if I am scammed.

You don’t have a buyer badge on your account. Where did you buy it from? And where did you try to contact the author?

I am a new buyer. I have tried to contact the author through the profile.

That author has a dedicated support website as detailed here: Support for Ultimate POS - Best ERP, Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application

However, your account does not have a buyer badge. Do you see the item listed in your downloads?

I think I have logged in with the different profile.

This is my correct profile

yes I See the downloads

I see, that’s the one. Make sure to contact them from that account, otherwise they will not be able to provide support.

As for the original error, you need to enter your purchase code into the installer. Here’s how to find your purchase code:

The most common reasons you may see an “invalid” error when entering your purchase code are if you didn’t copy the full code, or if there are spaces before/after the code when you paste it.

A purchase code looks similar to this: 0bf50e76-7ec8-4573-a1b1-653c8c704f15 (this is not real)

yes we tried that and still gives the same message

I have tried to email them directly and as well tried messaging from envato but there is no reply. I have also contacted them through there dedicated support link.

No Answer

And you’re entering the username “rlalanillc” when the installer asks for it, correct? That’s very strange, if you’re certain that you pasted the full code and there are no surrounding spaces, then something is wrong.

I see you’ve just left a comment on the item, though you posted it on the wrong account. Definitely reach out to them on the correct account – that’s a top selling author, they will surely support you, but you will need to give them some time to get back to you. Most authors here don’t have 24/7 teams.

i commented them again with the right account. :grinning:

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And one more thing to try: I noticed you purchased some modules as well. Make sure that you’re entering the purchase code for the bottom one:

If you enter a purchase code belonging to the two modules above it, then you will receive an error.

If that doesn’t help, then we’ll need to wait for a reply from the author I’m afraid. I’ll ping them here just in case – @thewebfosters. Cheers! :+1:

Go to support

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