Introducing to Envalex - the easiest method for Envato authors to verify sold item's purchase code.

As an author (seller) on Envato, we know how hard it is to verify the user’s purchase code when you are 1st starting to sell on Envato. Most often when the item buyer contacts you regarding the support for your item, You most often ask for the purchase code from the buyer. Then the next main step is to validate the purchase code before providing them the support. Now as you know so it is obvious that you don’t know much about the Envato API and also if you don’t know how to code and still want to verify the purchase code then also it is a big problem. So, most often what authors (sellers) do is that they buy this validating code from some 3rd parties to validate their purchase code and some of them build their own. But it takes time to develop it and because of this, your buyer gets disappointed. So, we were making our own website and app to do this thing for us but we decided to make it public so it can help other Envato authors too.

Introducing you to the new application called “Envalex”.

What is Envalex?
Thanks to Envato API we have created Envalex. An application that allows Envato authors to verify sold item’s purchase code.


  • Easy to use user interface
  • Both web & android versions are available
  • Direct interaction with Envato API
  • No data logs or storing any data in the backend
  • Fully client-side application
  • Free to use and no ads
  • Full control over your data

Web Version:

Android App:

IOS App:
Not yet been uploaded to the App Store.

Thank you very very much Envato team for providing such a nice API and very informative documentation on the API. Without your API and the documentation, we would have been unable to build this application for the Envato Author Community.

It’s not working. Or you need to provide more detailed FAQ

@LumenMedia Make sure you have given proper permission to your personal token. Here is our official envalex documentation showing how to use Envalex. And also we have only added support for Themeforest & Codecanyon. If you are using another platform it may not work as we didn’t yet test other platforms like audiojungle or videohive.

We need it for Audiojungle and for Elements too. Not working now

Unfortunately it won’t work on Elements as users don’t get purchase codes to activate items/support/auto updates etc.

If it works for Themeforest or CodeCanyon then there’s no reason it should not work or at least be easily adapted for the other main marketplaces

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@charlie4282 you are right. Envato Elements can’t be used on Envalex. But as of Audiojungle & Videohive, we don’t have any clear idea. We only sell on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. So, we have purchase codes to test the software. But as we don’t sell on Audiojungle or Videohive we don’t have any purchase code to check. But if their API response structure is the same as ThemeForest and CodeCanyon then it will work 100% for Audiojungle & Videohive.

Yes, the response format will be identical across all of the marketplaces, so it should already be working for everyone. :wink:

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Hi, everyone.
Thanks for using Envalex. But due to high traffic, our monthly server costs are increasing (As we were using AWS Serverless). So, we decided to pause the Envalex web version for now. Only the internal softisia staff and staff from our Envalex sponsors companies can now only use the Envalex web version. But our android version will stay online and you can use it for free :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,
Softisia Team