Online Purchase Code Verifier (Envato Api)

I’m sure you need to verify your customers purchases as well and because we could not found any online version that works proper and we can trust in it we build one and made it public.

You can also download the script so you can be sure we are not saving any data you enter!

Hope you like it.

@jakweb Thanks! I just want to ask, did anybody try it? I tried to use Dashboard Plus, I tried to use this link, but it says - “Invalid license key”, but I know that the code should be valid. I tried to check a purchase from videohive, maybe it works for items from Themforest, I don’t know.

I just tried it. It is working. You should generate API key from Settings tab on your profile.

Settings > API Keys > Generate another API Key

Yes it works we use it daily.

You will need to create the api key in your profile and when testing on our site (the demo will not store any data you enter) you will need to add your username, api key and purchase code from a customer.

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Here is a free tool for envato author to Online Purchase Code Verifier by using Envato API.It will help you to save time. Free Envato Purchase Code Verify

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