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Nice to meet all of you, guys!

I am Eduard, hello from Russia, Ukraine and China!)
Before I was a sound engineer and owner of recording studio, now working full time with Envato, respect!)


Greetings! I from Ukraine! I live in the city Bila Tserkva. Is a city in central Ukraine. Bila Tserkva is located on the Ros River approximately 80 km (50 mi) south of Kiev. The town was founded in 1032 as Yuriev by Yaroslav the Wise, whose Christian name was Yuri. This event is also traditionally referred as foundation of Tartu, Estonia. The present name of the city, literally translated, is “White Church” and may refer to the (no longer existing) white-painted cathedral of medieval Yuriev.

My name is Maksym. Music is all my life. Thanks to the Envato team gives the chance to be engaged favorite business. I wish good luck and good mood to all. Regards, the Max-Music.


Hello everybody. My name is Ilya Nazarenko and I live in Moscow. Russia. I became interested in writing music in 12 years old, when I was inspired by some DJs such as Ferry Corsten, Tiesto. Currently I study at the university at the Soundproduser and build up the quality of writing music. Free time i like to watch inspired movie and also to rest on the sea in summer time.

Also want to wish all of you success and good results in this difficult market, and have a nice day for sure.


Hi Guys , this is a great topic !!!
My name is Matthew I am from Ukraine , but was born in Uzbekistan , in 2008 I moved to Ukraine the whole family , from childhood I was playing and the accordion ! Then when I ( suddenly ) want to play keyboard and accordion sold :joy: .
Here in Ukraine, I met my wife , this beautiful girl’s name is Rita she is director , video editors , decorator and just a very wonderful person . Without her I wouldn’t be here .

Now I live in Lviv (Ukraine) and I serve in the Church, the source of life , serve in the worship team . And here are some photos of our rehearsals .

We also remove the clips

And perform at multiple venues , and lead worship .

This is our Lviv , Beautiful right ? And here came a band of Country Boys !!!

This is our Camp FriendShip which takes place in the summer , you may notice that the center of the flag of the Lions, this is the team where I was ! I was placed only there and nowhere else :wink:

And this is Oleg very cool guitar player ! , this is my friend he joined my company WildLion_Production to write the music . Previously, he played in the band Mission 3:16 . Here are some photos .

that’s all ))))I think you liked it !!!


Great idea, Travis. Thanks for starting this thread.

Hello, I am Dave. aka Promo Sapien, and I live in Western Montana in the U.S. with my wife Robin and our dog Walter.

Like Travis (@KingDog) in Canada, we also get our fair share of snow this time of year.

I’m not a huge fan of long, cold Montana winters, but the rest of the year here is spectacular. We live in a beautiful part of the state near Glacier National Park. This is the view from my studio window, and below that, my wife Robin playing fetch with Walter in Glacier Park.

Before my wife and I moved here, we worked in broadcasting in Seattle, Washington. I began producing TV ads and corporate video in 2003, and it has been the best professional decision I’ve ever made.

I started uploading music to AudioJungle in 2010 because I would often write cues for some of the video projects I produced. My favorite things to do are write and edit video and music, and I can’t recall the last time I was ever bored or at a loss for something to work on.

It’s been said that if you love your work, you will never work another day in your life. Being self-employed certainly has its own set of pressures, but I am very grateful to be able to do what I do for a living.

I’m looking forward to reading your posts and learning about all of you.

Wishing you all much success.


promosapien profile on AudioJungle
promosapien video on Envato Studio


Hello, it’s AudioBeard here.)) My real name is Taras and I live in Kharkov, Ukraine. Music is my life. My wife Tatyana and son Andrei also a very important part of my life! I like different kind of sports: Bodybuilding, Capoeira, Aikido. Nowadays I’am composer, arranger, sound engineer and resident of Audiojungle, so muted guitar and ukulele is also very important part of my life! )))

I like traveling, and soon I hope to fulfill my dream and visit all beautiful countries around the World.

My son Andrei likes music and ukulele. ))

Also I’am fond of 3D modeling and it’s one of my work.

Our family love animals. This is our cat and his name is Gosha. He is 20 years old. )

And this is my son and my beard.))

Good Luck!
Best regards from AudioBeard!


Hello, I’m Anton!
I live on the South of Ukraine in a small cozy town.
We have a very beautiful nature, which helps me to be inspired and come up with new ideas.
I engaged in design, and in his spare time, enjoy photography to memorializing our unique nature. To you realize that these are not empty words, below the photo proof :slight_smile:


Hello Authors and Creators!

My Name is Christopher Boswell Christopher_Boswell Profile Page

Here I am driving Stevens Pass in the winter with the top down.

I’m from the USA currently living in the Seattle Tacoma area of Washington State. My photography journey stared very early. My Dad had a Minolta Srt-101 and a Vivitar 8mm movie camera. He made pictures sometimes and finally when I was 13 he tired of me playing with his cameras, so he went to the pawn shop and got me a Minolta of my own. Then he divorced my Mom. LOL. So, I starting taking pictures myself, mostly of people at school and the girls I liked. :wink:

1978 of Deb I was 16 and she was 18 with that Minolta SRT 101, I was in love!

This Bull Elk was shot just a few days ago…

I had always made drawings, and loved art classes, but this new medium was more immediate and I loved it.

Later on, at 30, I was frustrated with my Restaurant Manager job, and on vacation visiting in Washington DC. The KKK was scheduled to be in town the next day so I went down. What a rush, rioting, and all. My minds eye created an image of the Grand Klansman on the steps of the Capital Building. The rest is history, I went home to Philly and the very next day a woman tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to take some photos of an accident scene. They were published in the Northeast Times News Weekly and they then offered me a Stringer position. I was hooked. My journey has had creative in it ever since. I’ve now managed a portrait studio, done hundreds of one man shows, and photographed 700 weddings.

I spent decades sleeving negatives and buying file cabinets for them. When digital hit I decided to pursue stock. Then I went and got a Graphic Design Degree, started making video and buying prime Zeiss Lenses. Created a studio, started recruiting models and traveling like crazy. Now when I wake up the second thing I do is get online and creating and uploading. It’s the best thing I have ever done.

Now this is done, and I must go…Thanks for the opportunity to share! C’mon and drop in!



Hi! My name is Yuriy Mikhailov. My artist name is meHiLove. I’m sound producer from Kiev, Ukraine.

Creative career began in 2010.
My works are produced on such well-known labels, as Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, Perfecto Records, Infrasonic Recordings, Silk Music and many other.

My tracks and remixes not one time sounded and continue to sound in such radio shows, as “A State Of Trance” of DJ №1 in the world - Armin Van Buuren, “Trance Around The World” of the most well-known trinity Above & Beyond, “Planet Perfecto” of guru Paul Oakenfold and many other.

In october 2014 i learned about Envato Market and began to upload tracks on it. After several days i began to earn some money and it’s inspired me to continue create music for AudioJungle. For musician is a great happiness to be able to earn money doing what you love! :wink:

And besides music I love different kinds of sports such as beach volleyball, biking and snowboarding.
This are inspirational things and are parts of me.

I wish all an inexhaustible inspiration and that sales have been growing with geometrical progression…:wink:

Cheerzzz! :wink:


Hi there! I’m Dmytro Kazakov (Lucky_Tunes), 39 years old, i was born and grew up in a small town in the Luhansk region of Ukraine. When I was ten, I begun to create music. I was playing in local pop and rock groups. Firstly, music was my hobby, but later I created a rock band, which played at a professional level.

I tried to write music for Audiojungle 4 years ago, but I did not believe in my capabilities and stopped.
As a result of the war in Donbas my band broke up. I am with my wife and son were forced to move from Donbass to Dnepropetrovsk. My wife, Graphicriver author, inspired me to continue uploading music to Audiojungle in September 2015. In the near future I plan to develop my creative skills and ability for further growth as a music author at Envato market.
Thank you very much Envato for the great opportunity to earn money, by creating music.
I wish all the authors a lot of inspiration in creating their projects!!!
All the best!!! :wink:


Hello Envato community and the World!
My name is Umair Razzaq from Pakistan (a land with full of opportunities and awesome northern places).

By passion I’m web expert and specifically I’ve strong grip over Front-end & Wordpress development. I do coding alot even late times.

P.S: I’d also like to take napes during work time :wink:

I like travelling a lot especially northern areas

But not limited to Northern areas

I also like to play Snooker & do Biking

Sometimes i wish there could be more of, so i can devote my self on multiple stuff like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reading me. I wish every community member best of luck with sales.


Hello everyone!

My name is Olexandr, I was born in Ukraine, Lviv. I’m 24 at the moment.

I do music most of my life. I’m a professional piano player. I recorded and toured with a lot of bands of different genres from pop to industrial and progressive metal.

I played in front of 25000 crowd as a warm up for a Linkin Park show with one of my bands.

I’m also an Author at AudioJungle. :slight_smile: You can see my portfolio here
I’m also vegan and I like sports - cycling, running, gym are my favorites.

Nice to meet everyone! :slight_smile: Thanks for attention. Good luck!


Oh, man! I like Lviv so much! It’s really beautiful city! And I didn’t know you live there! :slight_smile:


Hello guys!

My name is Diego and i live on Itapetininga, a small city on Brazil. I’m working with envato for 3 years now and love it. I’m also a freelancer webdesigner and run another digital business with my girlfriend.

This is me =)

This is Thais, my girlfriend and my co-worker, on our trip to Argentina last year. Thanks to Envato i was able to make my first international trip and live for a while in a different country =D.

My profile on envato is @DotRex


Сool glass!Good luck in your creativity!


Hello, guys! I’m Oleksandr from Kiev (Ukraine)

I create music and my nickname on audiojungle is BeardMusicStock

But today I would like to tell you a little about my life outside the audiojungle. So, lets start! :slight_smile:

First of all, I’m a professional jazz guitarist. But it doesn’t mean I like and play jazz only. I also like disco, funk, rock, classic, fusion and many other. But anyway, jazz is my favourite style of music.

I participated in many festivals, such as: Jazz Jamboree (Poland), Alfa Jazz Fest (Ukraine), Jazz-Koktebel (Ukraine), and others…

I had a great pleasure to play with famous musicians such as: Karl Frierson (De-Phazz), Kim Plainfield, T-Bone, Michiel Bortslap, “Soulunderstated” and others…

As I told before, my favorite music is jazz. So, I have a band called “Deep Tone project”.

We had a concert tours of Ukraine and Europe and already produced 2 CD’s which are available on iTunes, Amazon etc. But if you like jazz or ECM music, you can listen to it on Soundcloud.

The first one:

And the second:

I also teach jazz guitar at the Glier College of Music, do arranges on request, sometimes play in stage band on TV shows (The Voice of Ukraine)

And when I have free time (it doesn’t happen often) I like so much to ride motorcycle or bicycle, walk in the forest (I live near it) or travel by the car with my wife.

And now I’ll write about sense of my life…
Of course, the music and every our hobbies are very important things. But most important thing in my life is LOVE! And I just want to say a huge thanks to my one and only love, my wife Alice. Thank you for inspiring me to do what I do. Just thanks that you are! Love you! :slight_smile: The world has changed after I met you…

And couple of my achievements: I haven’t been smoking for 2 years and 4 months. (I had been smoking since the age of 12)

And I won a Movember challenge in 2016 on Audiojungle!

I think it’s because I’m BeardMusicStock :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time to read and watch it. Thanks to my wife for happy life! Thanks to everyone for inspiring me to be better! Thanks to Envato community for their incredible work!

Best wishes!


Yes , before that I lived in Kiev , and now three years in Lviv )))


Hey. We are two friends - musicians from Russia, Roman Aminov and Marat Mukhamadiev.:slight_smile:
In his free time, we travel the world and get inspiration for new songs.
Sport is an integral part of our lives. We are little more than a year and a half in the vast AudioJungle.
Before we started working on AudioJungle, making music was just our hobby, not more, but AudioJungle turned our hobby into a main activity and for this we want to say many thanks to him!!!


Wow! So we lived in the same city! :slight_smile:
I visit Lviv at least twice a year!


Very picturesque photos!