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Hi all!
My name is Ilya and I’m 18 years old.
I’m an Audiojungle author and my username is Audio_Wave.

Also, I’m writing music for my other projects, here:

My hometown is Izhevsk (Provincial city of Russia).


Hello everyone !
My name is Tanzeel Ur Rehman and I’m from Pakistan.
I’m a Graphic and Web Designer from past 3 years. I love to design. Its my passion.

I started work on Graphic River few months ago. And I’m really happy to join that community.


Hi, I’m Raquel, from Barcelona. Despite I have items in different markets like AudioJungle, CodeCanyon and VideoHive, I’m currently 100% focused on music, my true passion. I’m pursuing a master’s degree in Film Scoring / Composition, when I will have the opportunity to record my compositions with the Bratislava Symphonic Orchestra. :slight_smile:

This is me:

And these are the views from my balcony :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, :slight_smile:

First I want to say, you all are truly amazing and wish you the best! <3

I’m Miranda Shvangiradze, a piano music teacher based on country Georgia, living in USA Arizona. Composing music is my biggest hobby. I first started uploading my music at Soundcloud and Youtube and one day I (I don’t remember how) found Audiojungle and that took me to a different direction.
Besides music I love traveling, cooking, Yoga, being in nature. I dream about having a piano lounge cafe with a live piano music, someday.

Sedona, Arizona
My Strawberry cheesecake


Hi everyone,
My name is Gyula.

I am a videohive author and a Hungarian cinematographer.
My profile is:
I am very lucky, because my job is my hobby.
I like travelling and shooting wonderful video scenes all over the world.
I am an open minded and cheerful dreamer who likes building relationships.

I am glad to be a part of this community!
Envato Forever!


Hello! My name is Javi, i live in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain). But i lived in Chengdu (China) some years ago, around 10). I´m a teacher, but i got a lot of degrees, marketing, computing, graphic design, business, even one in industrial robotics,

Me, lost around the world.

Me, smoking a cigarrete with a dude in Leshan (China).

Now and I´m a half-time computer teacher for elderly people. (Windows, emails, how to use internet, and all that stuff).
I´ve been in Envato since June 2015. In that time i was working for a marketing company and i had to search the music for ad. So i decided, one year later, to try to upload all the “strange” :joy: music i was recording in those days, and i sold some of them! :smiley:

Maybe you know Tenerife for the Carnival. The island is world-famous for that.

Me, playing guitar in a party on Carnivals. Yes, i know it´s not the best costume, but i prefer to be comfortable to play. :sweat_smile:

I love a lot of music style, but i prefer shoegaze, noise, ambient, and madchester.
This summer i will go to see U2 in Berlin, (My secret love from teen age. U2)
I was playing in some bands, maybe the best for me, was “Cabeza Borradora” (Eraserhead in english).
Here, a video from a concert some years ago.

And a picture of me playing bass guitar.

When i got free time i really love to go to my grandfathers house in a small town. I love farming.

I love surf too, and all the afternoon, or when i can. I go to the beach down this town.

Well, sorry for my english and for the long post, here some potatoes from my orchard



Hi everyone!

I’m Fran, living in Barcelona right now.

I love to compose music for audiovisual projects :slight_smile:


Hello !

My name is Razvan, I’m 30 years old, and I live in Bucharest, Romania. I’ve been an exclusive author on Audiojungle for 7 years. I’ve always loved music. Ever since I was little I would listen to all kinds of music (especially Rock), but in High School I developed a passion for film music. As time went by I wanted to make my own music, and I slowly started learning the craft on my own. In 2010 I discovered Audiojungle and it has been an incredible journey. Even though I’m not a full-time musician and AJ is not my main source of income, it’s been incredibly rewarding and the experience of sharing my music within this incredible community of artists is nothing short of a dream come true.

I wish you all the best of luck and keep up the great work ! Thank you !

And here is my Audiojungle profile:


I’m from Votkinsk :smile:


Hi Eveyone,
My name is Michael Taylor (Godserv), a native Jamaican, now residing in South Florida, USA.

I am a Graphic Designer that loves, God, people, art, nature, and the beauty and complexities that dwells within them.In my spare time, you can catch me at the local cinema watching a movie or hanging with my friends or bae :).

I decided to become a graphic designer while studying to be a nurse. After visiting a craft shop on an after school excursion with a friend, it was evident to me that I had to change my major to something that used my love of art. I am so happy I made that decision.

I joined Envato in June of 2011 to purchase Wordpress themes for a site (INSPIKS.COM) I started with my brothers loswl (Mark) and seraphimchris (Christopher) and eventually purchased more for freelance work. I was introduce to selling my work on graphicriver by my brother Chris. It has been a honor to work with and serve this growing community. I also run and manage a local printshop with 4cgraphic (Dale). Keeps my brain cells growing. :slight_smile:

So, here is something that most of you may not know. Some of you already do. I am a twin. My other half is loswl (Mark Taylor)

Here we are hanging out in Orlando, FL at the Coca Cola Orlando Eye. (“The iconic 400-foot tall observation wheel provides breathtaking views of Central Florida in all directions”)

I made it easy for you. I am on the right.

I wish you all the best. Great to know more about you. And as always, MSTU.


I thought the potato only in Belarus =D
Cool photos! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello Envato Community .

I m jitu chauhan from india. Designer and front end developer in themeforest 2011 still working.
I interested in reading and design very clean and conceptual design.

First of all thanks a lot themeforest. Themeforest help me lot in my life. Its give my own home and help to happy family.

Before I was working only salary based $300 Job. Now i m earn more than enough to me and my team.

Very long story behind sale on themeforest from sale 1 to 3000+. Just one word.
Thanks a lot.

God bless to this envato family / Community and all team member who working in.

Jitu chauhan


Wow, awesome! :smiley:


Great idea @KingDog :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! My name is Yaroslav Nochnyk - yet another one ukrainian music-maker on AudioJungle!
My nickname jerry_nightone is english version of my real name :laughing:
I’m based in one of the oldest and greenest cities of Europe - Kiev and I am 27 y.o.

Basically I was always in love with music! My father, grandma and grandpa was self-taught musicians, so I think my passion for music is genetically determined :grin:
When I was 17 back in 2006 I started learning DJ-ing software and then, year after, I started learning DAW software.
Mostly I’ve been captured by dance music, especially Trance. So in 2009 I became a trance producer and started releasing my tracks and remixes on different labels under nickname of SlaviX. During my career (2009-2013) my tracks and remixes was supported in radioshows by many famous DJ’s like: Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold etc.

• Here’s my friend’s Adam Navel remix on my tune Moonlight Shadow, supported by Armin in A State Of Trance:

• And here is my remix on track called Aquamarine by Up&Forward supported by Above & Beyond in Trance Around The World broadcast:

• Then in 2012 I started some experiments doing my chillout, ambient and deep stuff. Here’s my pretty known track Eternity I made under my Victima moniker:

In late 2013 I broke with trance and downtempo career and whole 2014 I spent without music making. Next year I started producing music for major shopping malls, fitness centers and restaurants in Russia. In early 2016 I sterted doing my stuff for AudioJungle, and, you know, I’m not gonna stop! :wink:

Besides music I like to travel, making photos and hiking. Also I like to go to the gym.
Finally, here I am:

That’s it! Thanks for your attention and huuuuge sales to everyone! :wink:


I hear you regarding the music business and no longer able to live a life from it :frowning: Same story here!
Good luck and always try to keep some spare time for music…it’s important :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m a creative cat. I work with fun and enjoy creating eye candy solutions for web and mobile applications. With HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS and Ionic Mobile framework as my tools, I build website front-ends focusing on performance, responsiveness and usability.

I usually work with designers or design teams to bring designs to convert their designs into fast, responsive and interactive websites and/or applications.

I likes to think using logic and science. Also I like math, like to learn new technology. I keep my code clean and test everything I do on different web browsers and platforms.

Check My Portfolio On ThemeForest :


Hi, everybody! I’m Anthony and i’m a composer at AudioJungle

My portfolio on AJ you can find by clicking the link below:

I live in Ukraine in a small town by the sea!
Music production and mixing is my passion. I worked more then 10 years on different stages of music production, and even had some offline business. Some of it was successful, some of that businesses extreamly failed but every time when i had to raise up again i remembered about my only dream to compose music and produce songs. So, when I had the chance to make composing music my main job i decided to follow my dream and don’t fu@ed up.
I registered at Envato market at 2012, but began to write music for AJ on regular basis only in fall of 2015. I’m trying to do my best and investing all free time and efforts in improving my skills. This month i’m improving acoustic treatment in my home studio cause i want to get more deep low end and get the room ready for live guitar and ukulele recording!

I try to participate as much as i can in Envato’s marketing campaigns so when i saw this thread i definitely decided to write a couple of lines for you, guys.
Thanks Envato,
Thanks @KingDog
Thanks God,
And Wish High sales for all of you!


Hi everyone,

First I want to say, this is a really nice idea, there are a lot of interesting people here with such an amazing talent.

I am Danijel, music composer and producer. I was born in Montenegro, currently I live in Serbia. At first, music was a hobby to me when I was 14. Now it is a passion, hobby, love and a job. Besides music I love movies, hang out with family and closest friends, reading, being in nature ( Of course, when I got time, being a full time producer isn’t easy :slight_smile: ). I am really glad to be a part of this amazing community.

Here is my AudioJungle profile:

I wish you all the best, thank you!


Hi my name is Steve and I am Revturkey :slight_smile:

I am from the UK and this is a photo of me in front of a statue of my famous relative…Robert the Bruce.

I’ve been doing the music thing on Audiojungle as a nice little creative project and way to earn a bit of extra money for a few years now. I think it’s a great site and I’ve very much enjoyed writing pieces for it…

Hope you are all well and good luck with your sales everyone!


Also glad to see you here. Have a giant success man :wink: