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Kharkov - most popular city! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I'm Sergej, from Kharkov, Ukraine.

Since childhood, my life is connected with the music, at the age of five years, I started to learn the piano… playing in diverse collectives. I traveled with performances in many countries, playing on keyboards, drums, guitar… produce and producer of audio books. My second hobby and work - professional sound equipment. I’m creating a great sound for clubs, restaurants, bars, and more…

As well as I write the music for the applications, advertising,

but my pet (his name CHEER, we have a joint account with him) always wants to play, and sometimes does not let me write a sensible track! :slight_smile:

And of course - we are happy to be in this wonderful ENVATO community!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Your music is great!


this was posted a while back, thought i’d throw it in this thread :slight_smile:


Hello everyone I come from the humble tropical country called Philippines. We were colonized by the Spaniards for 400 years, by the Japanese for 50 years and America for 200 years. So our musical influences is a crossbreed of different musical forms. I am 35 years old and a newly wed. I am primarily a multi genre guitar player. The guitar is a common instrument here found in all homes because we have a tradition called “harana” and “manianita”. “Harana” is when a guy sings with his guitar to court a lady with our native music which is called kundiman, and “Manianita” is when friends and relatives sings songs at dawn accompanied by a guitar to greet the celebrant a happy birthday.

This is one of our 7,500 islands. So if you want to go island hoping I think we have plenty of that. =)

This is my beautiful wife she is also a musician(classical pianist and University teacher)

This is me with my Fender Eric Clapton signature stratocaster.

With my ever trusted Godin lgx3 in a wedding gig.

This is my no.1 guitar the Fender american deluxe at a jazz big band gig.

This is me rehearsing at church with my olympic white Fender deluxe strat.

This is from a concert with fellow session musicians.

So basically I am fortunate enough to have experienced all these different genres and working with different artists in my career but now I am a full time composer of Audiojungle and my goal is to become an elite author and have the best Guitar Music Portfolio in Audiojungle.


Hiya everyone!

I’m from Malaysia :slight_smile: I’ve joined here for 2 years but I haven’t been very active because I used to work for another audio composition company full time. I’ve left that company now, and currently learning the ways of composing for AudioJungle :slight_smile: it’s a challenge, but a very fun one because of the warm and helpful community that is you guys :smiley:

I’m 26 years old this year, (although I just turned 25 2 months ago :cry:) and I started a Celtic fusion band about 2 years ago- Four Leaf Clover. You can stream our songs for free here if you’re interested : (Don’t worry I’m not asking you to buy :stuck_out_tongue:) I’m mainly a keyboardist but I take on all kinds of music-related jobs in real life - composition, arranging, teaching, performing, transcribing & audio editing.

here’s my work place, I just moved in earlier this month~! :slight_smile:

Here’s my band performing at a local bar~

Here’s me on keys with a string duo & a guitar at a wedding~

Lovely to meet you guys~!


Hey all. I’m Dave - I’m a musician, composer, and educator based in Nashville, TN. I think I’ve been selling on AJ for almost 2 years now. My “trade” would be music performance and business, but composing and writing has always been a passion as well. Getting and keeping a great touring gig for the last 5 years has enabled me to invest more into my composing…learning and studying the craft (as well as the mixing side) has been my primary mission over the last year - continued education is key! Either way, I’m glad to have sold some things on here - it’s very gratifying that people hear something of mine they want to use in their own art.

Sending an open invitation to any interested parties to visit me online at Would love to work with you on your next project!

Cheers! - DL


Hello , i’m omar , i’m 16 from iraq / Mosul and moved to baghdad when the war began few months ago, i get my first item aproved here few weeks ago on codecanyon after A LOT of rejected items :grin: and i really like envato because the community are soo friendly here , this is me and my brother :

love you envato :slight_smile: and wish you all good sales :sunglasses:


Hi friends! My name is Alex. I live in Siberia. On Envato I have a year and a half.

Here’s how obstale my business before meeting with AudioJungle)))

I love nature, but even more the music…


Hey Folks! I’m Rio Molina from the Philippines, Its been a 3years since I was a member in this awesome community. Thank you so much Envato.


My name is Rezaul Karim.
i’m 27 year old full time freelance graphic designer from Bangladesh.

i was born in Bogra and started making some invitation card, flyers and stationery identity pack 4 year ago. after 2 years i made a PowerPoint presentation for envato market and i have very good sales. Now i have many PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation in envato market (many are popular).

My Profile is :
I’d like to do better design in the future for envato


Hi all! My name’s Ben (as you might guess from the forum handle) - I’ve been part of Envato’s Community Team for almost a year now. Most of my work so far has been with the Elite Author community, but I’ll be involved in lots of different projects over the next few months.

Before starting here I’ve worked as a research chemist, went back to uni to study sociology, and ran an editing and publishing business for a few years. I’ve been helping to run online communities for almost 17 years, and still spend a lot of time in (tabletop) gaming forums. I live in Melbourne with my wife, two young kids and one giant cat :wink:

I’ve been reading through introduction posts from Siberia, Finland and Canada, and thinking that I’m living in the wrong part of the world this week… this is what the rest of Australia is in for over the weekend. Yes, it looks a little bit like a portal to hell. If any of our northern hemisphere members want to get away from the snow, I recommend visiting us at Envato HQ for a few weeks :slight_smile:


Hi, Folks. It’s Great to get to know each other better : )
My name is Mikhail. I’m 33-34 years old.
I’m a big fan of mathematics, design, music, architecture, programming. I tried to learn in universities but it does not work for me. So I enjoy to work and learn at home. I’m excited about product design in different areas not only digital products.
I play guitar and still developing my skills. I had started to love classic music in 2016 so now I’m a big fan of classic music.
I love to read books. Mostly about programming, algorithms, and productivity. But I still work slow: )
11 month ago was The greatest day in my life (last two photos). It was the super hard time in our life but eventually, it becomes a big present from God. Now I develop mostly my VH projects and learn. I’m always in my garage so just come : )

Thanks. Love!



Let me tell about a bit me with envato :slight_smile: this is me and my name is Dilhan

After I resigned from my position working in a local TV station. Forming a company all by myself and depending on an online marketplace as my sole source of income was one of the scariest as well as the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Today, 3Ddym is in a very exciting place with fulltime employees and many freelancers in our team. All this was made possible thanks to Videohive. As a company we faced many ups and downs within the last five years but we have been able to move forward overcoming all our obstacles. We have not only reached many milestones on Videohive but we have also started working with various clients from China, USA, Canada, Dubai etc… giving us a chance to explore new markets globally. All this was made possible due to the opportunities we got from Envato to showcase our work on an international platform.

Thank you to team Envato for helping and guiding the 3Ddym team to come this far, we hope you continue this kick ass work for many more years!

@KingDog you are a part of this :slight_smile:

High five to all the fellow authors for all your feedback and motivation, which helped us.



Καλημέρα blerc - σωστός :grin:


Hello, people! My name is Sergey. I’m from the harsh Chelyabinsk, the southern Urals! I’m glad to see you and tell a little about yourself. I play the bass guitar.Created an account on audiojungle in 2014. First I downloaded the audio recording and effects,but now I know how to compose a little music!, thanks to my friends and their video tutorials on creating tracks. I’m mad excited that there is a market Envato, thanks to whom I can share my itamae, and buyers can find music for their projects.

In the Urals wonderful nature and place for relaxation. Sometimes my friends and I go to float the river on rafts.

In the woods lay the big stones. I don’t even know who brought them here

With friends we love to play music and sing second.
And this is our true friend! Good luck and good mood. Nice to meet You!


Hello Everyone!

My name is Yury. I am a full stack software developer that based on .Net (C#) and Node.js. One of my specialisations is SEO tools and promotion marketing software development. I have created account on Envato specially for this branch. My Envato name is RoarBear - that means my life flow - you need to work hard for results, struggle for that you have and roar for troubles.I like create bearable applications - that works fine and have zests that make them unique, unusual then other and will hope them help you with your business.

Have a nice day!
Yury Revotyuk


Hello! I want to put my words here too!!! Hello everyone!
On audiojungle i created my things by using a Blacksmith nickname and everywhere where i sing my songs or share or play/share my works i use Blacksmith name.

My name is Vladimir. I from Volgograd(Russia)
And i work with AJ already Five years. What can i say… I dont know how other my friends and folks of my city think about what i do and my work…

But i can say this is a hard work. Because i write evrything…except top genres.Because i can write this kind of music, Im not saying - “this category is bullshit” nope! I just cant write this. I tried, But in the end i get something different.Wrong you know…

So what i can say. Im continue to work with envato. And i believe this time is come. I believes the perspectives about i think is real.
And I wish good luck to all here guys!


Hello… well my name is Rodrigo, I’m a musician, composer and web designer from Argentina and I’m in AudioJungle for 7 years now and counting…

I’ve started learning classical piano since the age of five, and I kept studying music for several years, then as I grew up, I’ve started interesting in other kinds of music and styles, like rock, pop and EDM.
Through the years I’ve made songs for short/documentary films, broadcasting ads, video presentations, tv shows, rock bands and other kinds of projects… Sadly music isn’t my main job, but I work hard every day to make that dream come true… maybe someday, who knows… :slight_smile:

Are you talking to me? :stuck_out_tongue:

My kids jamming :heart_eyes:

Love to be part of AJ, cheers to everybody !


Hello! My name Vasil, and i from Lviv, Ukraine!
My life it is music. I start in 12 years. I work with music 14 hour on day and i like it. I am very kind and friendly.
I play the accordion and flute, and work in any daw.
Today a have a team! We are some of the best remix makers Ukraine.
A team of experienced sound producers and sound engineers.
The creators of the large number of tracks and remixes, original compositions for popular artists of the CIS, the CIS and abroad.
They work with artists such as Andrew Lenitsky, Max Korzh and others.
9 years in the music business.


Hey, this is Uttom Sen from Bangladesh. :slight_smile:

I am a graphics designer. I sell my graphical product in graphicriver market from 2 years. I completed my graduation very soon and now I am a Textile Engineer. But I love design and I want to do it professionally.

Now I sell my some Powerpoint Template in graphicriver. Here is my Graphicriver Profile I am also a front end developer :blush: .

Some Beauty of Bangladesh

Our Parliament House

Sun rise ( Kuyakata Sea Beach )

Sunset ( Kuyakata Sea Beach )

Mustard flower

I am on the :joy:

Thank you so much envato. I’m feeling so happy to share myself. :blush: