integration API AutoPHPLicenser and WHMCS


I bought this
It is setup but i need to make it work with API and WHMCS so each order placed and successfully activated via whmcs has auto-php-licenser api activated and a customer profile and license are created. It comes with detailed info on api.

So if you have advanced api knowledge and whmcs knowledge let me know would be happy to hire you.

Just a quick update on this topic. This is our item, but we don’t offer custom integration services (like most of authors), so we suggested buyer to ask for paid assistance on Envato forums (because there are always many developers willing to install/customize/tweak items sold by other authors).

In case someone is interested in this job, it will be extremely simple for anyone who has average PHP skills. Auto PHP Licenser offers API which works by making POST requests. The documentation also includes detailed code examples for every single API feature available, and ready-to-use PHP code to make API connection (so users don’t need to create their own).

With this in mind, connecting and sending data to API is as simple as running one line of code. For example, to create a new product, you execute this single line:

connectToApi(“”, “api_key_secret=UNIQUE_API_SECRET&api_function=products_add&product_title=My_Product_Name&product_sku=MPN&product_status=1”);

Hence, programmer will need to send such POST request(s) from WHMCS (WHMCS supports this feature and offers a full documentation).

anyone please? i have very very little knowledge on php but author says it is easy

Hello Chris,

I am an experienced PHP and laravel developer with working experience in PHP and laravel development. I can help you with it. I have experience with the following APIs:

Restful, Soap base, eBay, Google, Woo Commerce, ZenDest, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.
I also implemented OAuth 2.0

Feel free to contact with me:

Looking forward for your positive reply. Thanks


Thank you. Just sent you a msg

Hi Chris !

I can help you out with best possible services and solutions. I am also helping out other authors and new users at a minimal fee for such type of work requests.

Please drop me and email with complete details

Looking forward to your prompt response / quality feedback.