Get this working with latest cPanel/WHM and whmcs


I just wondered if anyone would consider getting this updated and working with the latest version of whmcs and cPanel/whm seen as it’s been abondand.

It currently is not in a working state, it activates and that’s about it. Has i’m not a coder i wouldn’t no where to start, but it literally as four files so i can’t see it been a too big of a job, so if your interested let me know and send me a price.



We’re very experienced with WHMCS and have been using it for many years ourselves.

Both on our hosting company, as well our Web Design / Development company.

Personally, I’ve never seen this addon and don’t have experience with it, but sure the documentation says what to do. What exactly are the steps being mentioned and can you confirm that this addon works with the most recent release of WHMCS? They made a major update a few weeks back (version 6.0).

The whole framework is different, so unless the addon was released for 6.0+ it may not work.

Just some thoughts. Hope it helps. Feel free to post more details and maybe we could assist.

Alternatively, have you attempted to contact the author yet?

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Yes it works with whmcs v6, well it activates without issue.

It supposed to scan all hosted sites for the advert codes and fetch the results back, upon fetching the results back sites without the code should be suspended and the user emailed which is not happening, It also supposed to do this automatically via a cron job (not sure if it as it’s own internal cron or uses whmcs’s) also struggles with finding html inside of php so i’ve altered it to just find the publisher id inside the adverts which seems to work.

At the moment i can run the cron manually to fetch a list of all sites with and without the advert code installed and then suspend them manually which is rather time consuming, hence the reason why i would like to get it fixed.

Yes i have reached out to the author for the last 12 months with no response back at all.

Hello again!

Well, I cannot make no promises as I’ve never used the addon before myself, but if you want to drop by and open a support ticket and attach the addon, we can have a look at it. We have a development installation of WHMCS since we do a lot of work with it (such as theme integrations, features, etc) and we can do a quick install and test it on our environment. At least that would confirm if it works out of the box or not.

If we do notice an issue on review and testing, we can let you know our findings and thoughts toward a solution.

I don’t believe we’re suppose to mention our hourly rates on the forums here, but I am happy to share more information via private messenger or the contact form on our website. Please note though we’re out of office today and enjoying our weekend, but tomorrow would be happy to try and review and give it a look if you’ve not found someone else by then.

Thanks, i’ll send them over now. :smile:

Hi there!

Received your email and already replied.

Personally, I would not recommend this addon for your WHMCS as it appears insecure and not for v6.0.

Also can see the addon was not updated since 2012 and that alone concerns me as a WHMCS user.

WHMCS has always been a target to a lot of attacks and vulnerabilities due to what it’s focused purpose is.

I would recommend against exposing my billing system to an addon that has not recently been updated.

In the last year alone, WHMCS has experienced numerous major security vulnerabilities.

Hope this helps. My reply via our website has more details.

It’s not what i wanted to hear or expected but i am glad you have taken the time to have a look at it, that is greatly appreciated :smile: and thank you for making me aware of your concerns about it.

I will now remove it from my installation.

Jason :+1:

Hi Jason!

Yeah, I figured as much but better you know than keep trying without knowing!

With WHMCS you need to be extra careful of what you install as addons and make sure they’re maintained.

Everyone says WordPress is a hackers paradise, well, they haven’t met WHMCS yet lol

All the best and you’re more than welcome. Glad we could at least get you moving forward rather than waiting.

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