Installing demo theme iPress


Sure this is a basic question, but nonetheless I’m about done searching all over Google for answers. Purchased the iPress - Responsive News/Magazine Drupal theme -

And am not sure how to install the full demo package it says it comes with. I have my domain and hosting and datasbase and Drupal all set up with my GoDaddy account. I can install the very basic theme through the package upload section but that is not the demo version.

Is there anywhere I can look for a step by step guide?

Thanks a lot!

There supposed to be a documentation but if you need installation service, you could just purchase one of my services

( It says WordPress but you could also purchase it for Drupal )

On your downlaoded package there should be a documentation file. Read through it carefully. There the author must explain how to install demo vs.

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Thanks. It seems like it was a database issue. It kept getting stuck on that screen, I ended up deleting my current databases, making a new one and it looks like it has worked. Minus the one security update error I keep getting as I haven’t been able to get the 7.53 Drupal update installed yet.



Wanted to follow up on a different message I sent last week and hadn’t heard back yet.

Do you have any advice on migrating to WordPress from Drupal with this theme or is it possible to convert it at all? I had good intentions of learning something new with Drupal, but having never used it previously, building my site is taking much longer than I had hoped.