Install Failed Porto Theme

hello, I bought the porto theme under license from themeforest. I am installing it on my own site, but the menus, buttons, bottom part are not fully loaded, it is loaded incorrectly, what is the reason?

please help me

It looks pretty close

The only difference seem to be small styling updates that were applied in the original demo (I would guess these are somewhere in theme options), or else appearance > themes > customise

Hello, when I go to appearance > themes > customize, the theme appears as it should, but when I browse the website normally or when I want to edit it from the elementor plugin, the problem is still the same, how can I fix it please help.

Given it could be a few things your best option is to ask the author

I seriously don’t understand. I pay 59$ and the theme is broken, I am writing here because the theme maker did not respond, I created a request from their support system, I sent an e-mail, but he did not reply to me and I have been experiencing this problem for 1 week. I’m doing everything. I have tried every setup setting. I did clean install many times but still the same. this made me very sad.

I’d be more worried about your website:

But I doubt the theme is broken - you probably haven’t uploaded all the files, or maybe you need to clear your cached files.

I have uploaded all the files many times, downloaded many times from the beginning and provided a clean install. I tried all versions of wordpress but unfortunately that’s how it is.
I also did not install any software other than wordpress software on my site. why would it be risky?

Where is the hosting? Is it private or on a budget shared infrastructure? Is it with a well known host like Blue, WP Engine, GoDaddy, Amazon or someone else?


According to Malwarebytes the site URL is blocked.


Also if you just type in your url and search for information, then I wouldn’t expect to see this:

Something is amiss :wink:

I bought my hosting from Why might it be doing this? What should I do? can you help me?


My advice would be for you to contact your hosting supplier and speak with their support team. Sometimes (especially with Wordpress installations) it could be that your domain name had been compromised sometime in the past.

Wordpress files that are not patched or up to date can be hacked into by person or persons unknown, and they can add pages into the database that you are not even aware of, but nevertheless will have been indexed and cause this kind of issue.

Chat to your web hosting company, show them the images I have uploaded on this topic, and ask them to check for any issues on the website files.

I don’t think the problem is with Porto though - I think more than likely since this domain name has been changed so often, in the history of it, there has been an issue:

I cannot help you with this - you need to speak to your hosting company.

It looks like the domain ( was hacked in 2017-2018 and used to host malware (here’s the file it hosted). If I understand correctly, the search result above (“Hawleri_hacker”) claims responsibility for “defacing” it (edit: Nope, they simply detected and archived the event. It seems to be a database of hacked websites.) also marks the domain as “phishing”. Seems like it has a dark history? Perhaps you bought a bad domain name? :sweat_smile:

Malwarebytes won’t remove the block unless someone files an appeal.


Thank you baileyherbert

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