Inquiry about download limit and usage limit.

This is Deb, I am fond of Envato Elements all item, but few things I need to clarify before I purchase.
1- What is the download limit in a day or in a month?
2- As a freelancer, can I use all the items of Envato for my different client’s different project, if I purchase individual plan?
3- Can I use one item multiple time for different project? OR one item once?
4- Which plan is best to use for freelancers?
5- If I can’t continue, can I use all the items in future for client’s project which I already downloaded in my PC?

Please help me with clarity that I can be with Envato for a long time.

  1. it’s fair use download so you can’t just sit there all day downloading every item

2/3) you have to download a unique copy per project but can download the same one more than once for multiple projects

  1. depends on how much you think you will need it between monthly or annual subscription

  2. this is important - there’s no support or updates for items from elements like from the main marketplaces AND you cannot stockpile items for future use. You MUST be subscribed when any project using items is finished.

For example - you build and complete a website, then you can keep using it after unsubscribing BUT you couldn’t download the template now and then start the project using it once you have unsubscribed

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Hi Charlie,
Answer 3 & 5 is pretty confusing to me. Please clarify once more in a simple word, that can i use one item for multiple project?
After unsubscribing all the downloaded items are reusable?

Yes but you have to download it again for each project

Only if the project using it is finished and complete while you are subscribed.

You cannot download now to use again or in a new project once you are unsubscribed

Thanks Charlie.