In Demand, Oversaturated, and Available

October is approaching which means it is the season of Dia de los Muertos, All Souls’ Day, Halloween, and everything Fall. Advertisers are producing their themed marketing materials now (if they haven’t already). It’s common to see that productions created include graphics, photos, video, and music seem to feature the essence of Fall. What fall content is most in demand? What fall pieces do you offer? What Envato fall content is oversaturated?

Hey @LennyB
This is my “seasonal” offer


Definitely oversaturated but as a new author i have to play with the rules!
Happy new month and Happy Halloween!!!

Wow @artsygoat, what cool stuff. I love the arrangement (especially Quirky & Spooky Halloween). Very high quality composition and production. I can just hear that on a halloween cartoon. Disney needs to hire you immediately!

hahaha!!! And then i woke up… :confused:

Thnx anyway!!! You have amazing tracks too!!! Keep in touch

Hi @LennyB
Here are my fall offers:


Very cool! Is that brass live? Sounds like it. There’s no better example of how music can amplify the mood of a visual production then your type of music. Thanks for contributing to this discussion. I’ll check out more of your stuff!

With Halloween just around the corner…