Image Stocks - GAME template.

Hi. Can someone advice free image stocks for gaming template? (large, beautiful images (action for example)).


I’ve just made some Googling for you, I found pretty cool free gaming photos, but the problem is that none of them were under Creative Common license. Take a look at these search results without filtering by license, and these after filtering the images by the license that allows commercial use.

Although you might find something cool on Flickr, but I wouldn’t trust images from Flickr, why? Well, some people could upload photos to Flickr that aren’t theirs and license them under a Creative Common license without having the right to do such a thing.

Thanks for reply. But I really need for good quality images. I searched anywhere.

The biggest problem with high quality gaming images is that almost every game character or scene is gong to be copyrighted for obvious reasons.

Maybe try reaching out to game companies and ask if they have usable images that websites can display BUT make it clear that this is a commercial environment otherwise you risk more problems

I found this service:

Can I use this images?

You need to have permission from the owner as per what they state in the FAQs:

Check out these on PhotoDune, I think those would fit perfectly into gaming template. If you still want free images, you can use the preview images from PhotoDune but you need to credit the author in return.

Looks good, but they all have the same look & not so much.

And what about this websites:

Both websites say you can’t without their express permission.

plus looking at some of those images (I am no gamer and still recognise some of the characters) they seem to be treading a very thin line themselves even without a commercial aspect