I need help with licenses

Hi, i make a new PSD for game magazine. That is what i get on the review message.

Please note that we do not review items for copyright or intellectual property issues, and this is your responsibility as you have confirmed during the upload process. However, we have some concerns that assets used in your item may not have been properly licensed. Specifically: 1) No famous people or screenshots from Movies, TV Series, Video games, CD covers or anything similar that might be infringing on any copyrights are acceptable. Please remove them from the preview image. Please review your item, identify any assets in it that are not licensed, and replace them with properly licensed assets. If the assets have been properly licensed, please supply us with information to confirm this, by lodging a support ticket at http://support.envato.com.

So not sure how to proceed because all pictures that i use have to do with video games. I only want to use images from preview, not for main files.


Although you just want to use the photos in your demo only, you need to have the license to use them for commercial purpose because you’ll be using other people’s property to promote your item(s) = generating money out of them.

I’m not sure what artworks you used in your demo or where you got them from, but if they’re artworks of well-known games (e.g. GTA, Hitman, CoD, etc…), I’m 100% sure that using them for commercial purposes is extremely prohibited unless you have permission from the copyright holder of those artworks (this is unlikely to happen I’m afraid).

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Thank you @OsamaSayegh You’ve made it very clear :slightly_smiling:

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling:
Let me suggest you these 2 solutions that might help you to get out of this situation:

  1. Search for gaming artworks in stock markets that their licenses grant you commercial license e.g. Photodune. (someone was in similar situation, I suggested him these photos)

  2. Hire a designer for custom work. This option costs you a lot of $$$, but in returns it gives you brilliant look to your theme.
    Also keep in mind that the custom artworks can’t also contain copyrighted characters.
    Envato studio is a good example where you can find talented designers.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling: