Image / Photo License


Can I transfer an image license (from envato elements) to the customer after finishing Project?

Of course I won’t use the picture again after that. But with new customers then with a new license for each project.

Thank you!

Hi @post63,

That should be fine - you are using image for your customer’s Project.
You’ll need to register a new license in your Elements account for each Project of your clients.

If in doubt, check the Elements license terms:


Hey @mgscoder!

So i read this now “You can’t re-sell, or re-distribute items;”
Does this redistribution mean that I cannot give the photo and license to my customer?

Thank you!

You can if it’s one license per project and the project is complete.

It has to be incorporated into a project - you cant transfer the image in its original individual format.

All right, understood :wink: So I don’t pass on photos and licenses unless it’s implied in the project in the print data. Thanks! :heart:

Exactly - as long as you are subscribed when completing a project that incorporates the images then you are all good to pass on the final asset