Image / Photo License


Can I transfer an image license (from envato elements) to the customer after finishing Project?

Of course I won’t use the picture again after that. But with new customers then with a new license for each project.

Thank you!

Hi @post63,

That should be fine - you are using image for your customer’s Project.
You’ll need to register a new license in your Elements account for each Project of your clients.

If in doubt, check the Elements license terms:


Hey @mgscoder!

So i read this now “You can’t re-sell, or re-distribute items;”
Does this redistribution mean that I cannot give the photo and license to my customer?

Thank you!

You can if it’s one license per project and the project is complete.

It has to be incorporated into a project - you cant transfer the image in its original individual format.

All right, understood :wink: So I don’t pass on photos and licenses unless it’s implied in the project in the print data. Thanks! :heart:

Exactly - as long as you are subscribed when completing a project that incorporates the images then you are all good to pass on the final asset

So what happens if the client then uses these photos for something else? can they do this?

No that would be a breach of the license. One license = 1 use

Using it for something else would require a new and separate purchase