I'm in need of assistance to update my U-Design which will not update automatically!

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering but not computer engineering. I’m 81 and not highly computer literate! I have been unable to update my U-design Plug-in for perhaps 3-4 months. I’m frustrated in that I can’t understand or follow the directions on how to correct this issue. I’m reluctant to start trying to follow some of the directions on how to resolve my issue as there are precaution statements about what has to be done first. I am trying to appeal to someone on the team that can find the problem and correct it. I believe the error message says something about not finding a valid URL.

I admit to my ignorance in that I still don’t know the interrelationship between U-Design; Envato and ThemeForest! If I need to re-up for more Assistance, I’ll be glad to do so. I’m anxious about having my out-of-date plug-in. I had an intrusion several years ago that may have been due to my unawareness of the importance of keeping everything up to date. My hosting company kicked me off-line until my site was cleaned and cleared. Can someone advise me how to get in touch with the right department/person to get this resolved?!

Do you mean the udesign theme? https://themeforest.net/item/udesign-responsive-wordpress-theme/253220

They have their own support center and are very helpful in resolving issues, I personally own a copy of udesign and its been great.

if your concern about WordPress Plugins update and make your site clean and refresh then I would certainly recommend one of the WordPress experts at Envato Studio. They’re really good and surprisingly affordable.

I HAVE THE EXACT SAME ISSUE… how long does support last?

Hello “pixellence”:

I’m not highly computer literate, but concerned that I haven’t heard from anyone with an offer to help. I confess that all the entities involved: Envato; Themeforest; U-Design; Andon are totally confusing to me. Seems like the old Abbott & Costello routine of “Who’s on 1st and What’s on 2nd!” I believe we need to periodically re-up our support fee which I think is $50. If we are able to get in touch with the person or team that designed Themeforest (or U-Design), I assume they would be the best one(s) to resolve the issue. I was hoping to learn who/how to reach out to those folks or would have heard from them by now.

Having experienced an issue on my site some years ago, I got into the habit of updating all my plug-ins and U-design ONCE A WEEK. I’d like to get the entire combination up-to-date. Maybe this conversation between up will catch someone’s attention. Frankly, I appreciate your reaching out to me, as I realize I need to in turn contact someone in this “Chain of command!” who can put me in touch with the right contact to help me/us.