If I use any free admin licensed by MIT, is there any possibility of hard rejection?

I was preparing a user dashboard using MIT licensed admin lt 3 that Laravel vue js was used for it and I was customizing some more banner images with different open source images on my site. after submit my product has been hard rejected?

MIT or not you still need to check on commercial use

Also there’s a good chance that a “free” template (esp one hacked together with other free assets) is unlikely to stand up to the “premium” standards for envato

MIT licensed products are always verified here. How can a hacking script be possible? I don’t know how to avoid it.

By “hacking” I mean modifying a free template and adding some new images etc.

It’s not a category I know well but two immediate concerns would be:

  1. if it’s a free template then it likely
    Lacks premium quality/features/design

  2. if it’s not your design/code then is there going to be potential issues in the future with big fixing or updates

If I buy an admin template from codecanyon and I submit it to Laravel and vue js Combined Ready Application, will codecanyon accept it? I don’t know if it can be re-sold as a reseller by buying codecanyon product.

You’d need permissions/agreements with the original author

Okay , thank you for your advice.