If I purchase a ThemeForest theme, can i edit everything?

My question is if I buy a wordpress theme from themeforest, can I edit everything?
I mean every CSS files, JS files, and every single character of the source code?
or the theme has a lock or something that avoid me from editing and if I edit something the theme will break?

because I need to edit the theme for RTL webpages.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, you can edit all of it.

Remember you require 1 copy/license per website/installation it is used on

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Use the tools man!

or simpler


You just need to convert a few CSS files Iā€™d say. Thanks!

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Thanks man!
But its my first experience RTLing a theme!
Can you explain more?
Can you help me to find the best and fastest way for Persian-ize (!) a theme?

Thanks bro!
I know the rules!
Despite blocking our country IPs by Evanto, I will buy themes by some IP changers and a friend to pay dollars! a complicated way!