If I cancel my subscription, will I still be able to use the brushes I downloaded and use with Photo

That is pretty much the long short of it. What will happen to my specialized brushes if I cancel Envato? I don’t really use Envato much beyond that, in fact I mostly only use Photoshop for designing album artwork and stuff for streams. But I love those brushes I downloaded when I do.

The catch with the subscription model is that you’re only allowed to use the elements you download while actively subscribed. Once the subscription ends, anything you produced during your subscription is good to go, but you can’t create something new without resubscribing and adding a license.

For more information see this license FAQ:

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understood. Thanks for clarifying, Bailey :slight_smile:

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You could just see if the item exists in full format on graphicriver and purchase it there. Buying the full copy gives lifetime access from one purchase.