Identifyy denied uploading.

I was trying to upload some new tracks on Identifyy today. I got the message : Action denied. New submissions to this account have been disabled. Any ideea why? I am not member of Russian federation, my country is not affiliated to any countries who have been sanctioned. Any Identifyy policy has changed lately? Thank you.

I have read that if the payout threshold is not reached within 12 months that that this can happen (no.18 in FAQ). I’m not sure if this applies in your situation, though it could happen for me unless things pick up.

Edit: I’m not sure if this refers to the payout threshold or the threshold for income on a particular video, it’s not clear.

@Duke_Studio . Yes. According to their answer, too.Time to move on to Adrev. Thank you .

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I am not sure if AdRev is a good choice…

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Not sure about that , either .