Idea on EnvatoCon!

I was wondering if Envato could host an international EnvatoCon in some country (May be in Australia or in some other place) where author from all around the world would come and join! We, authors, would get to see a new country. Collis, envato stuff, and successful authors would give speech. It’d get some exposure in the internet too. Authors would pay a small ticket price.


You haven’t heard Envato meet-ups, have you?

@ki-themes Envato meetup is locally arranged. Any author can arrange that in his local community. Envato send stickers and stuff. I was talking about sth international where you get to see a new country.

Then you just have to go to a meetup that isn’t in your country!

I’d look like a complete stranger while everyone talking in their local language.

And everyone would be talking in their own language if you had an EnvatoCon… the only difference would be that as it would be hosted by Envato, any talks, presentations and event details/instructions would probably be in English. However, that;s no different from any meetup held in a country where the predominant language is English. Envato have organised meetups before in several countries, they’re not just organised by authors.

So the question remains… what do you envisage this EnvatoCon being, aside from it being in English and/or organised by Envato rather than an author… as those things already exist? What would separate your EnvatoCon from a regular meetup?

Not knocking your idea, I feel your idea just needs more to it!

@SpaceStockFootage This will create global phenomenon, better PR value. And we will get to see founders and great authors giving speech live! Also, a new country. Local meet ups can be arranged without Envato too via Facebook group. All I am suggesting is, adding sth more to local meetup where people from other country can come too. Something like this:

There is a lot to creating an event like this and while the concept is great, the logistical reality may not be that straight forward.

This type of event costs a fortune to organise - (look at the sponsors named on the link above!). Of course envato could look at finding sponsors but the way the business is structured may not make it that easy.

It’s not just hiring a venue though - there are resource costs, speaker fees, travel and accommodation for speakers and staff, etc. Which all add up.

The “small ticket price” would need to be A LOT.

It would have to be in one place eg. Australia, the US, the UK etc. How many members have enough passion and more importantly can really afford the flight, accommodation, etc. to travel what could easily be to the otherside of the world.

Would the PR value really be that great? It would definitely be good but the concept is not really that ground breaking, and even though it would be a great community building project I don’t see it coverting into subsequent sales let alone on the scale it would need to for it to demonstrate business ROI.

Again I like the idea. I am sure envato would love to do something like this, and I imagine this is similar thinking to Meet Ups, but unfortunately I do think there is more to be considered in reality.

Envato authors and founders are the speakers. Venue could be Envato HQ.

You know there’s been a lot of meetups in the past that are pretty much exactly as you describe? Organised by Envato, staff and authors speaking, and in different countries?