i want to put my motion graphics and 3d models in the Envato Elements

hi there. i have add my after effect templates and premiere pro templates in the Envato Elements. now i am planning to upload new motion graphic video and 3d models in to my videohive account and add this file to Envato Elements. but i could not find any method of attaching my motion graphic video and 3d model file to Envato Elements.

in the after effect template i can find a option called Elements tab in the Edit section of my template. i could not find this option in my motion graphics and 3docean edit section.

Is there any other method of finding the Elements tab for motion graphics and 3docean ?

any one please help me

As far i know, for motion graphics item, it will be automatically sumitted to elements. You don’t need to enable it on edit tab.

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thank you very much for your reply bro. and what about the 3docean items bro? it will automatically approve bro?