I want to find a intro music similar to a song in audiojungle

It’s hard to find music i wanted in audiojungle. Can you guys help me out?
I want to find similar music for an intro similar to this song in audiojungle:
Oh The Larceny - This Is It
Youtube Link: Oh The Larceny - This Is It - YouTube
(Listen it after 30 sec)

The intro is 10 sec long. So any music 15/30 sec version will be great. I need something clean but powerful track. Not too messy or drum beat. So guys, Suggest me some awesome tracks in audiojungle.

@kazishafayat . The board rules do not allow to post own links or tracks. But i have no other alternative.The moderators of the board may flag this.

Or feel free to browse in my repertoire on the Indie category.

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