I Want Text Encryption In PHP

I Want Text Encryption In PHP.
Should I do?


Decrypt Text >
I Am Ali

Encryption >
Without Space:

With Space:
5x 6c 2x9m

as an author you can’t use Encryption method for your item coding. All code should be readable and editable by the customer.

Example Encrypt & Decrypt Text Online - Online Toolz

Encryption is hard, and easy to mess up. Please be careful. You will want to use a dedicated security library such as:

Here’s a class I wrote many years ago for simple password-based encryption (with phpseclib 3.0):

use Exception;
use phpseclib3\Crypt\AES;
use phpseclib3\Crypt\Random;

 * Lightweight and fast symmetric encryption with AES.
class FastEncrypt {

	 * @param string $data The text to encrypt.
	 * @param string $key The password to use (any length).
	public static function encrypt($data, $key) {
		$iv = self::generateIV();
		$cipher = self::getCipher($iv, $key);
		$data = $cipher->encrypt($data);

		return $iv . $data;

	 * @param string $encrypted The encrypted data to decrypt.
	 * @param string $key The password to use (any length).
	public static function decrypt($encrypted, $key) {
		list($iv, $data) = self::extractIV($encrypted);

		$cipher = self::getCipher($iv, $key);
		return $cipher->decrypt($data);

	 * Generates and returns the cipher AES object with the key and IV loaded.
	 * @return AES
	private static function getCipher($iv, $key) {
		$cipher = new AES('cbc');
		$cipher->setKey(hex2bin(hash('sha256', $key))); // coerce to 256 bits

		return $cipher;

	 * Generates a random IV for encryption.
	 * @param $length
	 * @return string Encryption IV containing $length number of characters.
	private static function generateIV($length = 16) {
		return Random::string($length);

	 * Extracts the data and IV from a cipher.
	 * @param string $data
	 * @param int $length
	 * @return string[]
	private static function extractIV($data, $length = 16) {
		if (strlen($data) <= $length) {
			throw new Exception('Encrypted data is too short and may be lacking an initialization vector');

		$iv = substr($data, 0, $length);
		$data = substr($data, $length);

		return [$iv, $data];


Example usage:

$password = '123456';
$encrypted = base64_encode(FastEncrypt::encrypt('Hello world!', $password));
$decrypted = FastEncrypt::decrypt(base64_decode($encrypted), $password);



string(44) "FApU+JW9PhbyZwZx2MuyySn8kp1uQ9qJSDWEx/kE9ZA="
string(12) "Hello world!"

It looks like the website you linked has the same strategy, except they use their own identical key each time.

I will create my own API but I am confused where should I save data? Should I use mysqli?
And I want upload in codecanyon.

Save data however you want :thinking: Some apps use mysqli, some use pdo, some even use json files (which is not good!). It’s up to you, you’re the engineer here!

Because I want create my own API in PHP, what should I do?

You should go look at other APIs on the market to see what they do and make a decision on your own based on your findings and your experience. Research is the foundation of a good product after all! :wink:


I decided to go with mysqli, will it be approved by codecanyon?

I can’t say if your product will be approved, because CodeCanyon only approves the best quality scripts out there and is rather strict these days :sunglasses:

But mysqli itself won’t cause you to be rejected.

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