I want close my account JeriTeam



Hi to all:

I want close my account JeriTeam for reason no good sales and I will use my other account, please help me thanks.


Please open a Help ticket. They will be happy to help.



Many thanks, I will open ticket Regards


@KingDog @hevada @charlie4282

I already submit my ticket support but not reply more hours but I want close my account now, my ticket is 1185888 please help me thanks.


please help me


If you’ve contacted support then they’ll sort it, you just need to wait.


What is your other name? We will miss you on the forums!


Sorry, now not need close my account because my friend skype help me not closed account but my sale is wrong maybe it’s competition I do not win maybe one day I’ll win.

Thanks closed this forums.



What should your sales be?


all my items bad sales


you have to work on your design quality and create niche templates


Make items that get you good sales. Not sure how deleting an account is going to increase sales.


Many thanks I will make good sales regards.