Please help me with dele

As an author, I don’t have the delete account option in my account settings.Please help me with deleting the author’s account on your service User profile:



You just kick back. I wrote twice to the support center. 4 weeks have passed without a single email.

Actually we can’t do anything at here(envato forum) you must have to get in touch with support team only they can help you out from your issue.

Is there another way to contact support

Did you open ticket through envato author support team ?

I and as the author and as the user sent but there is no use already 5 week went and write that will respond within 7 days

Open a ticket from author help center they would like to assist you. they will give you reply very soon.
Respond within 7 days is envato help center not author help center.

Okay, I’ll try again. I already wrote in the section for authors 2 weeks have passed and there is no response

How do I know that an email has been sent I click on submit but there is no indication that my message has been sent

You should get an auto reply with a ticket ID

no answer

And it’s definitely here that you are submitting a ticket?

Envato Authors Help and Support On the above link, I click submit at the bottom, before that I fill in all the fields except for uploading files, since in my question it is not required to do this

Assuming it hasn’t gone into your spam then you could try tweeting them