I received Envato credits but cannot spend?

Hello, thank you for reading. I’ve received 12 USD in Envato credits and want to purchase a Wordpress website. It’s quite a lot of money for me and I would like to spend these store credits.

But when I click the tab to pay with store credits, nothing changes! Just before I had to click buy with Paypal I stopped because I still was -not- convinced the Envato money would be used completely on this sales.

Hope you can help me, I’ve browsed for 30 minutes to find a link to their help with this directly but it does not seem to exist…

If you would like to purchase any item which cost more than your credit then you have to add the rest.

You can open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.

Thank you MGSCoder

I’ve gone through the whole process again and this time it stated an amount less than the 73 USD.

The store credits are also gone from my profile tab.
Nice! Now let’s check my download and pray this Wordpress stuff is not too hard :smiley: