i purchased a wordpress plugin and i can't license it .. please help

Welcome …
I purchased Hospital Management System ( wordpress plugin ) and when i open it they require Envato License key
i had download a text and pdf file that are associated with download element in my control panel

this file containing “Item Purchase Code”
when i enter it not accepted.
and i see domain that present in text file is one of my domains
but i don’t need to install this plugin on this domain
i had many domains , i need to install on one of them

so key is not accepted…
i mailed them to help and support with no response

i need to help to activate the plugin in one of my domains


This is Envato license key as a purchase code.


thank you for your reply … but i did it from past and i said it is not accepted.

and in this text file i see the license was to a domain name different from that one that i need to install the plugin on

in plugin : there is 3 items required
( domain ) : this item is not enabled and typed my domain name that differ from this in text file of license .
( Envato License key ) : i see in text file “Item Purchase Code:”
i had entered it and not accepted .
( Email ) : ?? it mean my email that registered in evanto ?

how i can solve my problem ?


Open a Envato Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.
You can discuss with your purchase item author hope they can help you.


What is the exact error message you received?

The text file with your purchase code does not have a domain name in it. A download is never attached to a domain name until you install and activate it on that domain name; similarly, downloads are never locked to a specific domain name as well. What is the domain name you are seeing in the text file?

You should see your current domain name in this text field.

Any email. The author does not know your Envato email. They can only check that your purchase code is valid.

i thank you a lot
but really i sent to them from 2 days with no any response …

the message please insert a valid License key

Can you confirm the license key you are entering looks similar to the code below?

You should only paste that code alone into the text field, no extra characters or spaces around it. Do not include any text like the “item purchase code:” before it.

Is that what you are doing, and it still says “please insert a valid license key?”

yes i do that exactly …
no before , after or spaces within

the only code as it typed in text file pasted in the license field in plugin :pensive:

Interesting. And I know this is probably not the case, but I still have to ask: are you sure you downloaded the purchase code for the correct item? If you have more than 1 purchase, make sure you are not mistakenly entering a purchase code for a different item. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are using the correct purchase code, then it is time to contact the author of the plugin because this is their own license system (not Envato’s). Here is their support page: https://codecanyon.net/item/smart-hospital-hospital-management-system/23205038/support

When you contact them, include the purchase code and the error you are receiving.


plugin author has included a documentation with the plugin package. Please check plugin documentation there you will get how to install and necessary support as Author replied in the plugin comments. If still problem please contact plugin Author by clicking the Support tab in plugin details page. plugin Author will be happy to assist you.


i have 1 item only
i will send to the Author

thank you

Yes OK i will send to them

thank you