I partnered one item for WordPress now he is not sending me sharing

Hello other authors, today i want to share a fraud that is happening with me here on themeforest. One of the Bangladesi author name themebeer themebeer's profile on ThemeForest i partner with him for one of HTML template Gracious [link removed]. At first all was going good he was sending me my sharing all was working fine, but after sometime our WordPress item is getting negative comment of not getting support from the author, he was not able to reply support ticket as well.

Buyers are now complaining about his support and asking for refund when i told him that if you are not able to handle the item than delete it i will reupload it with other author. He said don’t worry i will handle the item and will provide support and updates as well. He was not able to provide updates as well, i ask him that item is not getting updated from last few months provide updates so that the item got some sales. Otherwise delete it from your account and i will re-upload it with other author. He said he don’t have developer to make updates, the developer who was working for him in past will only provide support for the item he developed and i am looking for new member to join me soon.

After that in January he was finally able to update the item but still he was not able to provide quick support to buyers. Buyer need to wait more than weeks to get a reply from him and that of because he had no developer with him to guide how to reply the support ticket.

After that he moved to some other business, and when i ask him to share my profit, he always reply after 2 days of getting payment from Envato. No issues with that also as i was getting my sharing after some time.

When i ask him to share details of the sales we getting on item he was not able to share it in excel file, he do share me in a word file which was created by him. I ask him to share a excel statement that we can download from statement tab he said that he is unable to do so because its a time taking task. I am also an author he and share excel file to my partner and this task took me 15 to seperate all other item details. But he don’t know how to do that. Several time i ask him to share excel but always he denied me and share some screenshot.

But that was also fine as i was getting my money on 17-18 of month. But from February he stop me sending my sharing just because he want promotional design for item sales pages. I asked him that share me excel file of month i will share you design. When ever i ask him to share money he said share me design.

I want to ask here is without promotional design you stop item to sell here. Please do comment on this what you think. He still earning from my design and sharing my money.

I ask other author and Envato team members what i can do get my aharing or stop selling this item more on themeforest.

What is my right in this case, i see him earning from my design and he has full rights to do whatever he wants.

Please let me know where should i speak on this topic, is submitting a ticket will work in this case.

Thanks in advanced for helping me in this.


You can cancel your partnership through envato market author help center they will cancel and remove item from market.
Get in touch with envato market author help center they would like to assist you.


Hi, it is very unfortunate to hear that. You can contact the Envato author center.
We can be partners and I am happy to help with updates and support.

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If you speak to support you can have it removed as the design remains yours.

You will not be able to resubmit it with another partner though. Once removed (for whatever reason) an items cannot be resubmitted.