I need


I’m making a commercial video of 13:00 minutes about a clinic medical services.

This video is devided by 14 scenes.

  • End product is 4 videos which presents the same product/the same services.

  • The 4 videos are identical in all the 12 scene’s. The unique difference what they have is in just 2 scenes, in those different 2 scenes we spoke about different diseases, that’s it.

  • Everything else is identical.

  • The end product will be used on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram…

  • The end product will be cutted in a small videos (14 scene’s)

  • The end product will be used for advertisment in YouTube, Facebook

I would like to know :

  1. What kind of license do I need to buy ?

Like I mentioned before : The end product will be 4 identical videos, the Just have difference in 2 scenes where we spoke about different diseases.
The product and services what we are representing are the same in all 4 videos.

I really need help in this, because I’m stuck with this query.

I will be so thankful for you help


my opinion is that you’ll need to buy Music Standard License. I think your case is corresponding to the series policy:

But the colleagues from the forum will correct me if I’m wrong.

Best Regards,

Layla, I’m so thankful, appreciate your help.

Your answer is absolutely perfect.

  • So we can call my product a series ?
  • and standard license cover “series” ?
  • and with standard license I can use this series for commercial purposes and advertising on social media ?

Best regards