What is the number of End Product ?

Hi, I have some question.

I want to buy music and play in background of my talking head video, I want to upload to Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, so I have to buy the same music for 3 times or buy one time and can use in Youtube, Faceboo, Tiktok.

Thank you for your suggestion.

One video is one end product, and you can then upload that end product to any number of social media sites with just one license.

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Thank you for your anwser.

I mean that I will create many video for my channnel and Post in Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok
I am not sure that can I buy one license for covered this case ?

Do you have any suggestion for this case?

One license per video… that video can then be shared on unlimited social media sites. If the video you post on Facebook is exactly the same as the one you post on tik tok or instagram then that is just one video, one end product. If the videos are different, then you need one license per iteration.

Ok, I Thank you for your answer

Unless it’s part of a series then one license is sufficient for music.

Yeah I didn’t want to complicate the issue at hand!

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